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Zonbi (Wight) Light BattleMech
Zonbi Light BattleMech
Custom Design
Designer AlphaMirage
Production information
Manufacturer Luthien Arms Works / Draconis Combine
Model ZOB-1
Class Light
Technical specifications
Mass 30 tons
Chassis Endo Steel
Armor Maximillian 42 Standard Armor
Head: 9
CT/CTR: 15/4
Arms: 10
Legs: 14
Engine Lexatech GM 180 Fusion Engine
Speed 97.2 km/h
Jump Jets
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 904


The Zonbi (better known in English speakers as the Wight) is a light weight BattleMech built by the Draconis Combine. It is a based on the canon Jihad Era Wight, which was made originally Lyran Alliance / Draconis Combine as replacement for the Panther.

This early (what if) variant was created by fan writer, AlphaMirage, for his fan book Ian Davion, Golden Lion.



After Hanse Davion's supported the SIMC invasion of the Rim-ward Capellan Confederation in 3039, the Draconis Combine wondered if they might be next. A bid went out for a more mobile chassis to work with the new DRG-1Gs Grand Dragon and older SLDF designs such as the Lancelot provided by COMSTAR just entering service. LAW took less than four months (with COMSTAR's help) to come up with and manufacture a new design using new Endo-Steel molds and GM 180s sourced from LexaTech on Irece.

They presented this new design to Coordinator Takashi Kurita, a design using many common components with the old Panthers and current Dragons in a lighter, cheaper, and faster package that despite the new manufacturing process cost less than the normal PNT-LAW variants. Impressed, he ordered a large quantity of them to be manufactured as fast as LAW could make the chassis.


LAW's Director took this statement by Takashi verbatim, much to the misfortune of the Amphigian and Ghost regiments receiving the initial shipment of these low priced units instead of the normal Panthers they were expecting. These units lacked weapons and armor to simplify shipping and meet the ambitious timelines so LAW could get their bonuses. These weapons had to be requested through the normal quartermaster channels (of which they were often far behind on) forcing some units to ship out partially or completely unarmed.

Since these commands were thick with Yakuza, subject to private Warlords, and serving principally in the Capellan Theater, many used their own 'patriotic' funds to purchase PPCs and Medium Lasers from Ceres Arms instead of waiting for LAW to get through their supply shortages. Incidentally, Ceres Arms and Earthwerks stocks have seen a record growth in their profits. This trade and a massive and likely unsustainable expansion of the DCMS has sustained Chancellor Romano Liao's fragile realm since the DCMS has deployed to the area late in 3041.

Armament and Equipment[]

Based loosely on the early version of the Panther Light Battlemech, the Zonbi was designed to use energy weaponry only. It is made from far sturdier construction with introduction of lost technology of chassis, Endo Steel. The new light weight, if not bulky superstructure allow for more equipment, armor, and weaponry at cost room taken up Duralyte 300 superstructure supports. Powering the 'Mech is a Lexatech GM 180 Fusion Engine, giving it's maximum speed of a scout 'mechs while packing the armor & firepower of a heavier machine.

The chassis is carriers 6.50 tons of Maximillian 42 Standard Armor, giving its above average protect in comparison to other light weight 'Mechs.

Like the earlier PNT-8Z, the Zonbi / Wight armed with a PPC found in right torso mounted, while pair of Medium Lasers are fitted in the left side torso. To handle the heat produced by it's speed and weapon heat demands, the mech has 11 heatsinks, however a pilot will need be careful to bracket fire these weapons unison risking overheating at best or at worst shutdown.

With entirely torso mounted weapons and the unorthodox training of the present users one of the more popular tactics is to use the PPCs at range while using the medium lasers and their mech's limbs to punch or kick the foe.

Design Quirks[]

  • Prototype
  • Difficult to Maintain
Zonbi (Under fire on a battlefield - firing Medium Lasers)

Zonbi in combat in hot pursuit.


  • ZOM-1A
    This is production version of the Zonbi using regular Endo Steel.

Technical Notes[]

  • Cost: 3,001,860 C-bills (With regular Endo-Steel)
  • Tech Rating: E/X-F-E-D

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Wiki Note[]

  • Outsider7724 created the MegaMek/Solaris Skunk Works files for this mech, since it was purely fluff (story based)
  • The Zonbi / Wight is intended as early version of the Wight had it been made during the late Succession War Era when the Lostech was recovered with aid from ComStar. Design visuals were created by blending Wight's body with arms of the 3050U's version of the Panther to show shared heritage.