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Custom Design
Designer Eriance
Production information
Manufacturer Clan
Model none
Class Light
Technical specifications
Mass 25 tons
Chassis Endo Steel
Armor Clan Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Fusion 225 XL
Speed 151 km/h, w/MASC 194 km/h
Jump Jets None
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 1,428


The Yurei (Satyr) is the newest of the Goryo-family of Clan machines. Built as a light scout and spotter, the Yurei has remarkable speed and stealth thanks to an ECM suite and XL engine. An array of assorted laser weapons can fend off any 'Mech of the same size, while the MASC allows the Yurei to run away from anything it can't take. As a spotter, the Yurei mounts Active Probe and TAG equipment to acquire targets for friendly Arrow-IV systems.

Unlike the two preceding machines, Goryo and Typhon, the Yurei never saw combat against the DCMS. Instead it was used against the Word of Blake in 3072 during their attack on the Draconis Combine.


The Yurei is armed with a pair of ER Medium Lasers, a pair of Micro Pulse Lasers, and a hard-hitting Medium Heavy Laser. These weapons offer the 25-toner adequate fire-power for it's intended role. Most Inner Sphere 'Mechs of the same weight-class will have a hard time taking down the Yurei one-on-one.


There are currently no variants of the Yurei. The production facility is limited, and only small number of 'Mechs roll out of the plant.


A Fan Made BattleMech.