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Wolf's Death Legions
Unit Profile (as of 3070)
CO Commanding General. Josh Wolf
JumpShips Yes
DropShips Yes
Aerospace Yes
Armor Yes
Infantry Yes


Founded in 3067, primarily from the remnants of the shattered mercenary company Matzura's Ronin, the Wolfs Death Legions Mercenary Group has grown from a single company of mismatched Mechs to a light combined arms regiment. Created and lead by Josh Wolf, a former officer in both the Lyran Alliance and later the Wolf's Dragoons, the Wolf's Death Legions have seen action all across the Inner Sphere as well as the Periphery against a variety of foes ranging from pirates to the Word of Blake to the Clans and completed their contracts with honor. Currently, they are listed as Heroes of the State with both the Capellan Confederation and the Star League.

The Wolf's Death Legions Mercenary Group is currently comprised of 1080 BattleMechs, two squadrons of Aerospace fighters, two companies of Battle Armor equipped infantry, a company of tracked artillery, and a total of 50 dropships of various classes, enough to carry the entire unit. While they are a unified force, the Wolf's Death Legions are actually made up of several mercenary units that have banded together, contractually and organizationally, to create a stronger single force.

Selected with speed, maneuverability, and endurance in the field as primary requirements, all of the Legions' BattleMechs are jump capable and most are armed with primarily energy based weapons. These assets have been a large contribution to the success of the unit especially when combined with the skills of the warriors that used them and the hard hitting attitude of the unit as a whole. The Wolf's Death Legions prefer to follow a mobile combat doctrine and practice combined arms warfare to best utilize all of the assets at their disposal. Preferring hard hitting raids and offensive actions over defensive or garrison contracts, the Wolf's Death Legions do their best to live by their motto : "Strike First, Strike Fast, Strike Hard".

Regiment List

Golden Hussars"CG Guard"

CO:Commanding General.Josh Wolf

Alpha Regiment

CO:General. Tony Cage

Beta Regiment

CO:General.Cody Wolf

Delta Regiment

CO:Colonel. Jessica Valmark

Gamma Regiment

CO:Colonel. Carol Rood

Zeta Regiment

CO:Colonel. Brian Wolf

Ghost Knights of Death

CO:Colonel. J Campbell

Legion Intelligence Corp

CO:General. Zol Steiner

DL Recruit Regiment

CO:Colonel. Mike Karrige

Officer Training Acedemy

CO:Colonel. Jake Vickers