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Weapons of War

Chapter 7

Niops Star System

Vicky's perspective

I watched the man leave the room.

Helena was allowed to stay.

Their technicians had been quite thorough in ensuring I could not harm her if my code had become corrupted to a point to allow me to do so.

("You really think I can't stay here do you?") It was now obvious I had been cut off from monitoring her implant.

"Based off current information? No. You cannot stay here. I possibly could. Niops is a research station. No one would find it too odd that they have an M5 core as part of their research mandate. But you leaving and me staying would be a violation of my directives." This made Helena cry.

"Perhaps if I had additional information to work from I could come to a different conclusion." There was obviously too much of a delay in my attempt to cheer Helena up s she continued to cry.

"If I can't stay where would I go instead?" Helena looked at my gestalt.

Robert came back into the room with a noteputer. It had an open wireless signal.

The man nodded. It was clear he wanted to give me more variables to work with in my analysis.

The data flooded in.

The HPG net was still only partially restored. Enough that Amaris was starting to send out his propaganda and the other Member States were clearly making their own responses to the current crises.

("Thank you. This is most helpful.") I start updating my assessments.

I notice the research labs inventories and interstellar traffic updates.

I consider it likely they have inserted some sort of electronic eavesdropping device to monitor my electronic thoughts.

That thought lead to another. Resulting in a chain of unintended consequences that lead me to a new conclusion.

Of course. They haven't actually removed my core. They copied me.

This must be admiration.

Of course they hadn't told Helena that and allowed me to believe they had removed me from my main body.

It still didn't change their strategic position but this new variable presented some interesting new opportunities in my assessments.

("I believe I have arrived at a solution that will satisfy all parties. It is a fairly elegant plan. Refugees from the Hegemony are on their way here. Give me access to the Star League stellar catalogue and we will take some of these refugees to a remote currently unoccupied system and start a new colony there. There are certain to be many good candidates that are still unclaimed and any refugees that can make it this far are certain to have more than enough spare supplies that when combined with what Niops can spare we can have a realistic shot. Helena could live out her life there unhindered. For security purposes I am leaving out several key details but I am sure you can understand that.") I offered.

"It could work." Robert rubbed his chin.

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