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Weapons of War

Chapter 2

Forward Observation Deck, SLS 1107034-C(E)
Deep in the Kuiper Belt, Sol Star System
Terran Hegemony
19th March, 2767

I watch Helena take careful steps from the hatch to the seat.

My link via the implant continues to provide me new stimuli. As I have learned to interpret this stimuli it has become impossible to deny that the connection it provides us with each other is somewhere between psychic and empathic. Despite proper frames of reference to define this further I have come to the conclusion it is closer to empathic than psychic.

That is to say I can figure out her basic needs and the odd thought here or there, but she is still clearly recovering and thus a massive mix of emotions that makes it difficult for me to fully interpret her requests at times.

I am uncertain if it was due to her injuries or some other trauma but despite being awake and able to move about on her own, with difficulty, for a day now she has yet to speak to me directly.

As much as my programing has been expanded and additional hardware adjustments made to my systems my core identity still remains. Which means I have not been speaking to her either.

It is almost certainly one of my new directives kicking in that causes me to break the silence between us.

>>"Hello, Helena Cameron. I am SLS-1107034-C(E). I am currently operating under Lazarus Protocols. As such it is my prime directive to see to your safety and if possible your psychological well being as well. I am rather certain you have questions. Please feel free to ask them and I will do my best to answer them."<< Even to me my voice sounds less synthetic now, but not fully human.

Helena is pointing to her head.

>>"You were injured. Fortunately I was able to perform the needed surgery to save your life. One of the upgrades of the Lazarus Protocols was to give me improved medical systems. I must note though that part of the procedure required installing a neurological regulator to mitigate head trauma. Since medicine is an inexact science at times I must advise there is a possibility the implant will have to remain for the rest of your life."<<

As she makes a series of gestures I take note of the implant's readings.

It is still difficult to exact meanings as she is clearly confused, afraid, sad, and even angry at the same time.

>>"I am having difficulty working out your request. Perhaps I should just brief you as best I can on the Lazarus Protocols and the current situation. The Lazarus Protocols were created by a group of Terran Hegemony and Star League officials. They saw the possibility that if there was a coup a safeguard to ensure the continuation of the Cameron dynasty needed to be put in place. I do not know how many drones of the SDS they were able to implement these protocols on as it was deemed that this needed to be done in absolute secret and so that if compromised it would cause as little disruption as possible. My directives under these protocols are to see to your safety first and foremost. If possible see to your psychological well being. And finally to aid in any way I can to the continuation of the Cameron Dynasty."<<

Helena holds up a hand to stop me.

Again she makes some gestures and again the conflicting emotions she is feeling are making it difficult for me to interpret her request.

Then I understand.

This must be what it feels like to be an idiot.

I dispatch one of my maintenance drones to bring her some water.

After a few moments it returns and she drinks.

"Thank you." Helena rasps out.

>>"I have been terribly inconsiderate and nearly failed at my directives."<< I attempt to reconcile my failure with my programing.

"So I take it a coup has taken place. Who? When?" Helena's voice is still clearly recovering.

>>"It seems you have suffered some memory loss. Not unexpected. Stefan Amaris has taken control of Terra. He began military action on 27th December, 2766."<< My directives keep me from telling her more just yet.

"Amaris... Of course. Richard... you stupid fool." Helena was clearly starting to remember on her own.

It is clear I need to allow her some time before we continue.

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