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Weapons of War Saga

Chapter 19

Planetside Hospital
Lazurus System
02:23 Unity City time

Helen's perspective

As I struggled to open my eyes I realized I was on a planet.

The headache was not helping.

Worst part was I was still smelling freshly cooked pancakes.

"Good. You're waking up." Vicky's was trying to speak quietly and soothingly but the pain I felt from even that made me realize this wasn't just a headache.

I felt a straw touch my lips. I realized how parched I was as I took a sip.

"Don't try talking just yet. We're back at Lazarus. Fortunately the hospital here wasn't hard to make better suited for treating your injuries and now recovery." Vicky seemed sad.

The cool water in the cup was helping. I could actually almost open one eye a little bit without the light in the room bringing a screaming pain with it.

"You need to rest a little more but it was good that you woke up. Next time you wake up I think you'll be well enough to go see your daughter. She's coming a long fantastically." I could see Vicky smile before I felt a strange sensation going up my arm before...


This time it was less searing screaming pain and just a more general throbbing in my head as I opened my eyes.

The curtain on the window was not fully closed so I could tell it was either early local morning or late local evening.

As expected Vicky's gestalt remote was there watching me.

"Helena, I do owe you an apology. My vain need to go into combat and have you with me wound up hurting you. It will not happen again." If Vicky could cry I was pretty sure she would be right now.

"Vicky, I had to do it at least once. I had to give others the same chance that I was given. I knew it would be a risk and I accepted it. Besides if people are going to take me serious and actually follow me I needed to experience what I was asking of them at least once. Plus you're wrong about me going into a potential combat situation with you again. I will have to one more time. As much as I hate it I'm going to have to let Kerensky do the rest of the heavy lifting but once he's done we're going to have to have a show down with him before this is over."

It hurt to talk that much but I knew I had to say it.

I did leave out one part. I know it's really screwed up but despite everything, I didn't want to leave Vicky's side.

"I understand."

I could almost feel Vicky's internal turmoil.

With me out she had to jump herself. Somehow even with me out in her medical bay we were even more connected than before.

She helped me into a wheelchair.

The hospital was thankfully quiet and nearly deserted. A sign that the colonization efforts were going well. No mystery disease or angry local fauna. Flora wasn't toxic either. I could see the odd patient though.

Injuries both unintentional and intentional were not unexpected. Just humans being human, especially during the growing pains of early colony life.

Then an elevator ride later and some more pushing we were finally in the maternity ward.

The contraption was odd looking but easy enough to identify.

In the clear bag in a clear solution I could barely see the tiniest speck.

"I didn't think I'd even be able to see anything this early." I said as I leaned forward to get a better look.

"The solution and artificial womb material actually provide a significant magnification factor. According to the notes it was made that way on purpose to help give the attending physician a clearer indication that the process was successful."

I grabbed Vicky's hand and gave it a squeeze before kissing the back as I brought it up.

As I realized what I was doing and saw the look on Vicky's face, I could feel how flush red with embarrassment my face was.

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