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Weapons of War Saga

Chapter 16

Command Deck
HCS Victoria
Zenith Jump Point, Unnamed and uninhabited star system
12 February 2768
11:14 Unity City Time

Helen's perspective

"Lay it out for us, Oleg." Vicky fired up the holotank with a projection of the Sol system.

"When I left Metis and Ceres were all being actively visited by Rim Worlds Republic naval forces. We also believe they know about our stations and burrows in the 15810 Arawn area. We're not sure about 15760 Albion and what we have out there but with the shuffling of refugees we're having to do between JumpShips becoming available to get people out of Sol they're probably the next target." Oleg pointed at various locations at the outer edge of the projection.

"So with the charge times we have it is exceptionally unlikely we'll be able to get to any of these targets unobserved by Rim Worlds forces, let alone in time." I sighed.

"A direct confrontation with current force dispositions would be unwise." Vicky added.

"Then our best bet would be 42355 Typhon. We have a number of refugees that need getting out of the system in burrows and stations near there." Oleg studied the map.

"What about your people? Shouldn't we be looking to get them out too?" I was starting to marvel at just how widespread the Sol Belters really were.

"Most of those that want to leave have already left. The rest are willing to risk themselves to get the inner worlders out. We may have had our differences with them but no one deserves what is obviously coming next. You don't put out the kind of propaganda and put on the kind of show trials of those who supposedly disobeyed orders to not target civilians like Amaris has if you don't have something really dark in mind for the future. Plus the Kuiper belt and Oort cloud have plenty of places for us to hide. It'd take millions of ships to properly exterminate us." Oleg smiled.

"Vicky, I know we can't really take on too many people with so few life support systems and no docking collars but we should still go just encase we do need to cover them."

As angry and violated as I was feeling I found all I could think about was all the children and spouses of those who had grim fates waiting for them just because their loved ones were holding out in the hopes that a Cameron was still alive.

It was still too soon to reveal that. As much as it might be a moral booster with Kerensky firmly in control of as much of the SLDF as he was and the forces at my disposal as outnumbered as we were there was no way we could hope to support the inevitable upswing of resistance activity and Amaris would have all he needed in place to crush where it rose up.

"Agreed. While we wait for my drive to charge we can also take the time to shuffle off those who do not wish to follow us into combat and bring on fresh supplies." Vicky seemed far too agreeable to me.

Before I could press the issue though I was reminded of the vision during our last jump.

She must have harvested some of my ovum while I was under and have a way for them to be viable and come into this world.

Part of me wanted to hate her even more for this violation, but maybe it was the twisted relationship I had developed with Vicky that was causing me to actually find this a twisted form of romantic.

I am clearly completely messed up.

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