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Weapons of War

Chapter 12

HCS Victoria
Nadir Jump Point, Unlisted System
2nd October, 2767

Helen's perspective

I know you're actually reading these Vicky despite me labeling them 'personal'. But that's okay. I know you're doing it because you're trying to watch out for me.

So I'll let a secret slip. Raheem has out done himself with your gestalt remote. Damn I was questioning my sexual orientation for entirely too long.

The bad news is I know part of that is I owe you my life and all the time we spent together with only each other as company. I mean as twisted as it may be how could I not develop feelings for you?

I do worry that means I'm forcing things with Raheem though. Because I do still prefer guys and I need to make the effort to try and find some semblance of normalcy. Because the alternatives are not good.

So maybe stop terrorizing the guy? I mean he's already nervous enough dating the most eligible bachelorette in the Inner Sphere.

Vicky's perspective

I process this new information. Yes several of my databases say I am committing a horrible invasion of privacy but I am also directed to ensure her well being. Plus she is effectively giving me permission.

I come to a conclusion. Normalcy is not what Helena needs, but I have to let Helena reach that conclusion on her own. At least according to my databanks. Sometimes having these directives I must operate under can be very frustrating.

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