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Weapons of War

Chapter 11

Crew lounge
HCS Victoria
Nadir Jump Point, Unlisted System
30th September, 2767
19:35 Unity City time

Vicky's perspective

I watch Professor Raheem Casmin come into the lounge.

He had been working on making my gestalt remote more human like. He says the next upgrade should be sufficient that I would potentially have to deal with human suitors.

I lack sufficient experience and context of human standards of beauty to now for sure but what is available in my database indicates there is a high probability he is right.

He was also the tie breaking vote for letting me leave fully intact.

The deal he proposed was actually quite an elegant one. They keep a copy of me to study and since they lacked the orbital facilities to do any sort of major refits to turn me into a fully crewed vessel anyway they might as well restore me.

It was easy enough to make the necessary adjustments to my copy to maintain operational security but leave the additional programing in place for them to study otherwise unaltered.

I feel I should be grateful for this but there is another issue that my program finds more troubling. He and Helena seem to have grown closer. This should be acceptable according to the parameters I operate under.

Am I developing jealousy?

This is fascinating.

"Hello, Raheem.">>

"Victoria." He pours himself some coffee.

<<"You and Helena seem to be spending a lot of time together lately. I am trying to decide if I should endorse this or not.">>

"Kid gloves and nice and slow I swear, Victoria." He added some creamer to his coffee.

<<"Good. Blood is surprisingly difficult for my drones to clean up.">>

Raheem's visible shudder triggers a response. Satisfaction. Yes. The reaction to my implied thread gave me a form of satisfaction.

"Vicky be a good war machine and stop trying to intimidate, Raheem." Helena entered the crew lounge.


But I will be watching him.

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