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Weapons of War

Chapter 10

Command Deck
HCS Victoria (former SLS M5-1107034-C(E))
Outer debris cloud
Niops System

Helena's perspective

Personal Log, 22th September, 2767.

It has been somewhat shocking how quickly things have been moving the last week or so.

Vicky demanded she be re-named given our situation. Said something about how neither of us are really Star League anymore, but I am still of House Cameron. So she's now the House Cameron Ship Victoria.

We even had a nice little ceremony where I got to throw a wine bottle at her. Something about old sailor superstitions but it was fun going EVA.

The shrink doesn't say it but it's clear she thinks I'm a bit too co-dependent on Vicky and the reason I enjoy being in space so much is a coping mechanism for all the trauma I'm still suffering from.

The worst part is I'm not sure she's wrong. Being away from people does help me forget sometimes. But once in a while I'll have this stray thought about how I wish I could share this with my sister. Last time that happened I cried in bed for a good six hours.

I don't think Vicky told them how much of her literature database I read. I didn't exactly have a lot of choices for down time activities. So yeah I know I shouldn't self diagnose and I didn't go to school to become a shrink but it's not exactly a mystery what's going on with me.

I miss my family even after all this time and my only company for a long time was Vicky. It took some figuring out but add in the bullet that nearly killed me and the messed up hormone production of my brain and yeah, I'm an absolute hot mess still. Probably will be for the rest of my life.

Still we're nearly ready to get back on the road again so to speak. One ship and a few people who want to get away from Niops are going to go with us to find a nice quiet spot to settle down.

Can't blame them. Niops is far enough out we're still only getting outdated rumors but it's clear the crises is going to get worse before it gets better and that's making people nervous, especially at places with such obvious Star League association as Niops.

Me and Vicky agreed to keep the civilians from freaking out we did need to handpick a few Niops people that wanted to come with us to be our 'crew'.

I'd love to introduce them in this log entry but looks like my attention is needed elsewhere so I have to go.

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