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The WillCorps Manufacturing Company was founded in 2798 by William J. Phillips II. This company focuses on manufacturing battlemechs, vehicles, engines, and battle armor. Here are the sights for each factory:Sudeten, Strana Mechty, Ionus, and Terra.

Although the WCMC(WillCorps Manufacturing Company) is not known for many mechs, it still can produce the best targeting and tracking system or communications systems. The Crater TT-## series was very powerful, you could target an enemy even if they have something jamming it. This series of targeting and tracking computers are very, very, very invaluable to any mechwarrior, especially against the Clans. The Crater C-## series is the best communications system ever made. You could transit on any channel, listen to any channel, and no no one ever heard you or your base while you were scouting.

Some 'mechs produced from the factories are the Big Dog, the Miniwolf Prime, the Mad Cat IV Prime, the Wareaxe, and even the all powerful Poseidon. These are only some 'mechs produced by the WCMC.

The only known battle any 'mech from WCMC was the take back of the factory on Strana Mechty. There were also WCMC militias to help guard the known factories, just in case anyone attacks.