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Custom Design
Designer MekTek
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Star Adder
Model Wildcat
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
Mass 75 Tons
Chassis Type BIES-75 Light
Armor Mark VI Ferro-Fibrous w/ CASE
Engine Modified 300 Fusion
Speed 65.02 km/h
Jump Jets None
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) N/A


The Wildcat represents a renewed Clan Star Adder presence in 'Mech design and production. Its inspired, razor-thin silhouette belies an Endo Steel frame and thirteen-and-a-half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor, components normally seen on much bulkier 'Mechs. Housed within the narrow framework is a modified 300-grade engine, allowing the Wildcat to move at a respectable 65 km/h while still maintaining just enough space to include its weapons loadout. To handle the excess heat generated by its array of energy weapons, Star Adder engineers also squeezed 11 double heat sinks into an already crowded space.

The Wildcat has the necessary components to support a Guardian ECM Suite, jump jets, a Laser Anti-Missile System, and an advanced Gyro system, but does not have the space for them in its primary configuration.


Thanks to Clan Hell's Horses' contributions, the Wildcat sports reverse-engineered Rotary Autocannons (as seen on the new Talos or Tenchi 'Mechs) of a much higher caliber than what the Inner Sphere has seen. A pair of linked Rotary AC/20s in its chest are the 'Mech's primary weapons, capable of tearing apart a much heavier 'Mech's armor in mere seconds. Unfortunately, space and weight constraints limit each autocannon to a single thirty-round magazine. A quartet of Series-VI ER Medium Lasers and a pair of Series-Ia Heavy Medium Lasers provide additional firepower to ensure the Wildcat still has teeth once its ammunition runs dry.

Despite all its advanced weaponry, its dependence on ammunition coupled with its relatively short-range arsenal limit its potential as a purported design for the re-invasion of Terra. Ironically, the 'Mech is far better suited for dueling situations.


As a new and untested design, the Wildcat has no known variants.


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