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Weapons of War Saga (Cover Art)
Weapons of War Saga
Author monbvol
Series Name
Alternate Universe Name Weapons of War Saga
Year Written November, 2022 - February, 2023
Story Era Alternate Late Star League Era


Weapons of War Saga is first version of the fan story drama focusing on a unique and unknown weapons develop a Drone Warship, whom was given a special mission to safeguard what remains of the Star League

The story written by monbvol
Having not been satified the direction this story took, a revised version was written with same characters in Weapons of War Saga: The Director-General and her Knights.


Events prior to the year 2750 are unchanged, only the events onward are altered.

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  • Wiki Editor Note : This book's chapters have been edited by Outsider7724 to correct misspellings and grammar errors only.
  • Story Trivia Note : The author original had different ideas when he began the story, however was writing out and went different direction the title suggests.

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