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Custom Design
Designer RagTag
Production information
Manufacturer RagStar Military Industries
Model WAR-L668KK
Class Assault
Cost 21.218.925 C-Bills
Technical specifications
Mass 95 tons
Chassis Star League XT (modified)
Armor Standard (RagProtec Heavy)
Engine 285 XL Engine (RagPropuls ADV-H)
Speed 54 kph
Jump Jets none
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 1800


By 3063, RagStar Military Industries had a full production line going for both their upgraded En Ki Du and Gilgamesh models. The venerable Ban Tang had proven unable to keep up with recent developments even when upgraded however, so that the company saw the need for a new Assault in their portfolio. Working from the original Star League XT chassis they had begun 'Mech-building with in the first place, RagStar was able to present their new flagship in less then a year's time. Because of its ability to control a battlefield with almost scary efficiency, the new 'Mech was christened Warlock.

Sharing the same weight as the Banshee and Ban Tang, the Warlock is a slow but powerful design. Well-protected (though not matching the Ban Tang) and with long-range engagements in mind, the 'Mech is a valuable asset for both command- and general assault-lances. It features 16 double heat sinks and an XL-engine, freeing tonnage for a massive weapons array only matched by few Clan 'Mechs and even fewer FIS-models. Also, an AMS was added and the 'Mech has been given a gruesome head-assembly, underlining the "evil" attitude born from its name.


The Warlock is able to deliver a long-range punch that is nothing short of devastating: A RagArms LongGun Gauss Rifle and an RagArms FarFlash ERPPC are supported by two RagArms StoopingBird LRM-10 launchers with Artemis FCS. Each ammo-dependent weapon has been given ample ammunition, two tons for the gauss and three tons for the missile launchers. One single RagArms GlowThrow Medium Pulse Laser and four RagArms GlowSpike models provide inexhaustible close range back-up greater than usual on long-range 'Mechs.

The Warlock includes a feature pilots liked very well on the lighter Tanto: the audio-system. The bigger model has an integrated player capable of handling various data formats and medias, from 20th century tapes to modern data-crystals, however. The mercenaries of the Royal Flash Commando used the enormous output of the 'Mech's sound system to great effect in the Periphery, scaring away a whole militia command (two companies) with a lance of Warlocks that was outfitted with special light effects and playing a song called "For whom the bell tolls" by an ancient terran metal band.


  • WAR-L669KC - Still on the drawing board when the Jihad broke out and Blakist' Forces destroyed RagStar s main production plant on Rathole, the Necromancer, as the new variant was called, was said to be a walking pile of metal destruction. Replacing the Gauss with a RagArms StormFire Ultra-AC/10 with three tons of ammo, the 669KC also swaps the long-range missiles for four MRM-10-launchers and adds a C3-slave module. While the PPC stayed to provide long-range cover, the GlowSpike lasers were replaced by two additional GlowThrow versions.