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This is the way world ends (Chapter art)

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Chapter 22 - This is the Way the World Ends - Wolf Skinners (3024)[]

Wolf Skinner bivouac around WSDS Mondez's impact site
7th August, 3024
0736 Local Time

"Commander Fury, a moment of your time, if you please," Major Skinner said, some distance from where Fury and her daughter were finishing their breakfast.

Nodding and standing, she stood and replied, "Of course, Major. Lead the way." Turning to her daughter, she said, "Stay put, young lady."

In the Major's "office", still nothing more than an escape pod with a minimum of equipment removed for use elsewhere, Skinner closed the hatch and took a seat.

Once Fury took her own seat, he said, "The Doc tells me your man is doing much better and has requested to speak with you. Sergeant Ludak would also like to see Athena. Are you up for a day trip?"

Her eyes widened and she replied, "Ah, why... yes, yes of course!"

Nodding, Skinner continued, "You of course won't be allowed to see the outside of the facility, nor the vast majority of the interior. You'll be dropped off with your escort in the medical wing and confined to it for the duration of your stay. You'll be 'home' for dinner. I do recommend an extra shirt at least. The Star League DID know how to air condition their facilities."

The two shared a chuckle at that.

"The APC leaves at the top of the hour. Please don't be late."

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