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This is the way world ends (Chapter art)

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Chapter 21 - This is the Way the World Ends - Wolf Skinners (3024)[]

Wolf Skinner bivouac around WSDS Mondez's impact site
1537 Local Time
6th August, 3024

The 'notch' in the rim of the impact crater was coming along nicely. Commander Fury and her daughter had both pitched in every day so far. Most of the troops were being rotated through the duty, but a certain pair of privates had been on the job constantly. By this point, the novelty of the Star League rations had worn off, and only strict orders kept leftovers from being thrown away. Even the local 'livestock' were largely indifferent to the "plastic" eggs, though they'd eventually eat whatever was put in front of them. At least the rations had coffee packets in them. Quite the black market quickly sprang up, with those few who didn't like coffee coming out ahead.

While the hole was being dug, Master Truck and Sergeant Blu were helping Warrant Cushman and his crew assemble something resembling a cradle. Salvaged spars from the wreck made up the main structural components, and the Warrant had pointed out they'd be needed for the roof of the hole being dug. The makeshift hangar wouldn't have a door, but some parachute material would at least keep direct sunlight out, if not the ever-present dust.

1713 Local Time

Checking his watch, Captain Harris looked up at Staff Sergeant Thomas "Smoke" Jenson and said, "If you want to relieve the perimeter watch early, don't let me stop you. But you're not getting relieved any earlier on the back end."

"Roger, Boss, I can set with that" said Smoke.*

Panther (In Woods - Blender Game)

Panther Light 'Mech

As he heads to Kat, his Panther and climbs up to start her up.

After he is ready to move out "This is WHISKEY FOXTROT 4, getting mobile. Anything I need to be aware of, come back now"

1716 Local Time

"You're relieving me early? Thanks Smoke! I've had nothing all afternoon... ETA, seven minutes." Staff Sergeant Bianchi said, turning her Mirage toward the impact crater and 'home', such as it was. A little extra free time would be no bad thing.

"Howdy partner," said Smoke "I'm up and in the saddle, you all go and head back into the barn and get your nose bag on."

Snake spent his peaceful patrol moving around the 9 km radius perimeter and looking for places if Varmints came a calling that would give him good long LOS and some protection. Staying on alert and watching my various sensors to make sure nothing sneaking up on me.

About 23:45 - "WHISKEY FOXTROT 4, to next the next dancer all quiet out here."

Once relieved and heading back into the barn, take in the non tactical view of the night sky pretty nice with nothing artificial to interfere with natures lights

2345 Local Time

Vulcan Medium Mech (Marching at Night - Farseer Animation version)

Vulcan Medium 'Mech

<<"WHISKEY FOXTROT 4, ROMEO copies. ETA rendezvous eight minutes, over.">> Lieutenant Jerry Stevenson said. His Vulcan was pounding along at a solid 90 kph to make the rendezvous on time. He swore Captain Harris still had it out for him, even after the ambush of the locals. What was it going to take to climb out of the hole he'd dug for himself that first day? His tech had been recovered, mostly untraumatized, and he was the one who put the pirate on his back so Harris could take his head off. The Major at least didn't seem to have any grudge, but the Major was the one who had also promoted Harris. And the 'mech Company Commander was the one signing off on the perimeter watch rotations. The ones that seemed to land Jerry on the midwatch more often than not. At least Astrokaszy had decent sunrises...

  • Wiki Note: Entries for Staff Sergeant Thomas "Smoke" Jenson were written by DOC Agren

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