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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 98 - What Could Go Wrong[]

18 April 3042
New Avalon (Federated Commonwealth, FedSun State Capital)

Hauptmann General Clive Renegor, Department of the Quartermaster, did not have much trouble locating the requested equipment. Though the Drillson Hover Tanks did present some problems, for the requested version had never been put into production, only 72 of them had been manufactured as test beds and used during the War of 3039. The battle reports and reviews had been quite varied about the Drillson's performance. Out of the 72 deployed, only 37 had returned, only to be put into a storage depot. Most reported the armor was too weak, they loved the speed, loved the ER Large Laser, but overall, the troops were not impressed with the tank.

Since the First Prince wanted them, he decided to pull all 37 of them and send them to Inner End. Since it was not being produced, the AFFC had no replacements for them anyway, so commands were not excited to have them in their inventory. They were basically write offs anyway, one time purchase for testing so they would not be missed by anyone. Though the First Prince did not tell him to, he made sure that everything being sent had the same replacement parts and support equipment that he would send to a regular AFFS/AFFC unit receiving the equipment for the first time. This mainly applied to the PHX-3S Phoenix Hawk, which was a brand new Battlemech manufactured using a bunch of recovered technology. But since each was fresh from the factory, each came with a shipping container loaded with replacement parts for the receiving unit to maintain the Battlemech.

The shipping of the material was an added level of complication. Per Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek, the equipment was to be assigned to the 9th FedCom RCT, even though it was going towards Inner End. So, he spent quite a few hours working the shipping schedules so that all the equipment would arrive at Marielund close to the time the 9th FedCom would pass thru the system on their way to the Tortuga Dominions. Instead of transferring the equipment to the 9th FedCom, the Dropship would transfer to a waiting Jumpship for its quick move to Inner End or close to it. He had selected Roscoff, a depopulated system that was used as a transit point by the AFFS forces in the region. it was usually avoided by civilian traffic so it was quite possible the transfer would go unseen.

He then had to spend a few hours of additional time making arrangements to deliver the new personnel from a roster sent to him by Quintus Allard. This was the most complex part of his task, since the personnel were scattered all over the place. Working the passenger routes, the different commercial cargo routes to find empty berths for people, some traveling alone, some in small groups, it was a time-consuming task that he could not delegate to his staff. Instead, he had to do all the work himself. But he finally had it all completed and worked out. He was actually proud of his work, anyone trying to follow any sort of trail would pull their hair out trying to retrace any of the routes taken by passengers or the equipment.

Inner End (Federated Commonwealth)

The work was delicate, and time consuming, usually conducted at a shipyard, but assisted by the Tug, and supervised by Chief Warrant Officer Vincent Zuniga, the old, damaged docking collar on the Star Lord Class Jumpship was removed and replaced by a brand-new docking collar that had been shipped in. A few more hours of work and they should be ready to test the new collar. If everything was good, they would have restored the Star Lord to its full 6 docking collars.

On the surface, the Space Port was a bustle of activity as every Dropship that SaRI owned was undergoing work to make sure they were all in full working condition. The Union Class Dropship, captured from pirates, was being given a heavy cleaning and mini overhaul.

Inside the compound, Colonel David Mitchell hit send on the computer and both the Behemoth Cargo Dropship and Merchant Jumpship used for the Joshua operation were paid in full. The total bill had been 83.6 Million C-Bills. He could now really see how important it was to own their own large Dropship, especially now that they would be moving further into the Wastes from Inner End itself. The "rental" bill was just under 1/5 the cost of a Mammoth Cargo Dropship fresh from the manufacturer. Five trips like that and the Dropship paid for itself just by saving them rental fees. Not to mention the time saved by having enough cargo space to hold what they find on hand from the get-go. Once that was completed, he returned to working on the units TOE changes. He was going off assumption that they would get everything they wanted along with the people need to fill all the slots. He was using input from all the officers in the command, and it was subject to change.

Search and Recovery Inc TO & E

Command Staff (Deployable)

Colonel David Mitchell - Commander, S3
First Lieutenant Nathan Davis - S2 Intel, planned two assistants
Chief Warrant Officer Harry Caldwell - S4 Supply, planned two assistants
Sherpa Mobile HQ

Battlemech Battalion
Command Lance
Lieutenant Colonel James Woodall - Thunderbolt, TDR-5Sb
Sergeant Major Oscar Fuentes - Thug, THG-11Eb
Staff Sergeant Brian Grimley - Thug, THG-11Eb
Unassigned - Merlin MLN-1A

Alpha Company
Captain Janet McPherson
-12 Wolfhound, WLF-1B

Bravo Company
Captain Hank Dooley
-12 Phoenix Hawk, PHX-3S

Charlie Compand
Captain Reggie Brackow
-12 Striker, STC-2C

Armor Battalion
Alpha Company
Lieutenant Colonel Patty Jackson
-12 Manticore Heavy Tanks
-Sherpa Mobile HQ

Bravo Company
Captain Thomas Hailey
-12 Manitcore Heavy Tanks

Charlie Company
Captain Julio Cortez
-12 Drillson Hover Tanks

Delta Company (VTOL)

Infantry Battalion
Command Platoon
Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Dortman
Major Gweneth Rolando (XO)
-Sherpa Mobile HQ

Alpha Company (Zero G Trained)
Captain Jordan Sanders
First Sergeant Tyler Crenshaw
-28 Infantry (Laser)
First Lieutenant Gina Rouse
-28 Infantry (Laser)
2nd Lieutenant Paul Chambers
-28 Infantry (Laser)
2nd Lieutenant Christian Manswell
-28 Infantry (Support Laser)
-4 Turhan Support Tanks

Bravo Company (Zero G Trained)
Captain Ingrid Swanson
-28 Infantry (Laser) First Lieutenant Frank Gilborne
-28 Infantry (Laser)
2nd Lieutenant Charles Kellog
-28 Infantry (Laser)
2nd Lieutenant Manuel Schmidt
-28 Infantry (Support Laser)
-4 Turhan Support Tanks

Charlie Company
Captain Zachary Clarke
-28 Infantry (Laser)
First Lieutenant Nicholas Linest
-28 Infantry (Laser)
2nd Lieutenant Kurt Pilson
-28 Infantry (Laser)
2nd Lieutenant Brandi Gormann
-28 Infantry (Support Laser)
-4 Turhan Support Tanks

SaRI Air Wing
Command Flight (Intrusive, Intruder Class Assault Dropship)
Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Noble
2 Samurai, SL-26

Alpha Squadron (Titan Class Fighter Carrier Dropship)
Captain Blythe Hudson
6 Rapier, RPR-101

Bravo Squadron (Titan Dropship)
Captain Ugo Ginatta
-6 Rapier RPR-101

Charlie Squadron (Titan Dropship)
Captain Felicia Ugnamen
-6 Corsair CSR-V12

Delta Squadron (Union CV Class Fighter Carrier DropShip)
Captain Reginald Hawthorne
-6 Hellcat, HCT-213R

Eagle Squadron (Union CV)
Captain Edith Daniels
-6 Hellcat, HCT-213R

Engineer Company
Captain Harold Croyle
-4 Platoons Engineers (112 Men)
-4 Engineering Vehicle
-8 Carbine Construction Mechs
-12 Brunel Dump Trucks
-4 Heavy Tracked APCs

Marine Company
Captain Devlin Watson
-56 Marines

Medical Company
Major Alan Dryson
-5 Doctors
-25 Medics/Nurses
-3 Sherpa MASH
-8 Jeeps

SaRI Maintenance and Support
Battlemech Support
Chief Warrant Officer Penelope Rodgers
-36 Senior BM Techs
-216 BM Techs/Astechs
-4 Wayland Mobile Bases
-8 Battlemech Recovery (Heavy)

Aerospace Support
Chief Warrant Officer Oscar Gonzalez -48 Senior AS Techs -320 AS Techs/Astechs

Vehicle Support Chief Warrant Officer Harry Calwell (also S4) -40 Senior Mechanics
-200 Mechanics/Astechs

Supply/Transport Support
Chief Warrant Officer Quincy Trevalis
-4 Sherpa Field Kitchen
-12 Sherpa Fuel Trucks
-24 Sherpa Cargo Trucks
-1 Sherpa Mobile HQ -120 Troops

SaRI Jumpship/Dropship
Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Campbell
Chief Warrant Officer Vincent Zuniga

Invader Jumpship - SaRI Express Star Lord Jumpship - SaRI Heavy Lift Star Lord Jumpship - Unknown Merchant Jumpship - SaRI Dark Flyer Merchant Jumpship - SaRI Star Sailor Intruder Dropship - Intrusive Titan Dropship - Hull 210 Union CV Dropship - Black Hole Hoshiryokou Tug DropShip - Pusher One
Union Dropship - Faithful
Mule Dropship - Heavy Hauler
Mammoth Dropship - Unknown
Seeker Dropship - Unknown
Seeker Dropship - Unknown
Seeker Dropship - Unknown
Seeker Dropship - Unknown

Rear Detachment (Inner End Compound) Command Sergeant Major Chester Pullman - S1, S2, S4
Lieutenant Brooklynn Jessup
-2 Platoons Infantry (Rifle) - 56 Men
-158 Workers/Camp Personnel

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