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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 96 - What Could Go Wrong[]

17 April 3042
New Avalon (Federated Commonwealth, FedSun State Capital)

Since getting back to New Avalon on the 11th, both First Prince Hanse Davion and Quintus Allard had been quite busy lining things up. Quintus handled arranging for the new replacement personnel along with locating the extra specialists, while First Prince Hanse Davion handled the other items that required more finesse or outright pulling rank. His first call had been to Avalon Shipping, one of the many companies owned by the Davion Family Trust within the Federated Suns quickly having the CEO Carter Blands rushing to the meeting.

Carter Blands, CEO of Avalon Shipping, was ushered directly into First Prince Hanse Davion's office and the door closed. Pointing to a seat, First Prince Hanse Davion waited while Carter Blands got comfortable before speaking.

"Carter, it has been a long time since we have spoken. How is the company doing?" First Prince Hanse Davion greeted while taking a seat opposite him.

"Highness, the company is doing fine, very well actually. The new Lyran markets have and lowering of many of the border restrictions has really caused a sort of boom for shipping." Carter Blands replied.

"Excellent. Normally, the Davion Family Trust maintains a very hands-off approach to the companies owned by the Trust. But I must now exercise a little control. I need a Star Lord Jumpship, it has to be well maintained, in good condition and ready to move out quickly. I am sure you have one that meets those requirements." First Prince Hanse Davion said

"Highness, the Star Lord Jumpships are our main source of income earners. How long would you need it for?" Carter Blands replied

"Forever. It will not be coming back, at least for a very long time. Your losing one whether you like it or not, I am trying to let you pick the one that causes the least disruption to your company. You will be paid for the ship, and I will also authorize the Trust to underwrite two Star Lord Jumpships to replace the one I am taking from you." First Prince Hanse Davion said

That offer tossed the door wide open, getting two Star Lords to replace one was just too good a deal to pass up for Carter Blands. "Highness, we currently have two Star Lords at Delavan undergoing refits. I believe one is due to complete that refit and return to service."

"Excellent. I need it at Inner End as soon as possible but it will need to travel to Layover first. There it will pick up four Seeker Dropships and deliver them to their new owner. The same new owner as the Star Lord. I need this to happen quickly. Very quickly." First Prince Hanse Davion said

"I assume the new owner is covering the expenses of the ferry operation?" Carter Blands asked

"I will cover the expense personally. Send me the bill once everything is complete." First Prince Hanse Davion said standing up signalling the meeting was over.

As the door closed behind Carter Blands, First Prince Hanse Davion smiled, one down, several more to go, he thought to himself. His next meeting was going to be a little tougher to accomplish. He checked his watch and headed for the bathroom to freshen up before his next meeting in fifteen minutes.

He was sitting in a comfortable chair when Marshal of the Armies Ran Felsner and Hauptmann General Clive Renegor, Department of the Quartermaster, were led into the office and took seats across from First Prince Hanse Davion. For Hauptmann General Clive Renegor, it was a very uncomfortable position, what if they found out about helping Quintus Allard, he thought while sitting stiffly in the plush chair.

"Relax, General Renegor, I know all about helping Quintus. He had my permission to see you. How is the refitting of our commands going?" First Prince Hanse Davion asked trying to ease his guest's tension.

"Highness. The refitting is actually ahead of pace. Most commands are at strength, and we are restocking our depots quickly." Hauptmann General Renegor replied

"Forgive me, but I prefer the old rank of General. I am about to make your task of restocking our depots a little harder or should I say it might take longer. I need the items on this list released from the AFFC and transported to Inner End without delay. Can you make that happen?" First Prince Hanse Davion said handing over a small paper list, which he had added to on his own, to Hauptmann General Renegor who took a minute looking it over.

Warrior VTOL (Side View - In flight - Painted by Stretch5678)

Warrior Attack VTOL

12 Wolfhound, WLF-1B
12 Corsair CSR-V12
12 Phoenix Hawk, PHX-3S
24 Manticore Tank
24 Drillson Hover (ERLL)
8 Battlemech Recovery (Heavy)
3 Engineering Vehicle
8 Heavy Hover APC
4 Marten Infantry VTOL
4 Warrior, H-7 VTOL
4 Seeker Dropship (Mech Var)

"Highness, while most of this list is doable, some of the items are going to cause quite a stir among several Departments." Hauptmann General Renegor said handing the list over the Marshal of the Armies Ran Felsner for him to examine.

"Highness, this list is quite irregular. Hauptmann General Regenor is correct, Fleet Admiral Samantha Steiner is going to have a stroke when she learns of this. Dropships and Aerospace fighters belong to her." Marshal of the Armies Ran Felsner said

"Actually, they belong to the Federated Suns or should I say the Federated Commonwealth. If Fleet Admiral Steiner has an issue, she can come see me about it. The AFFC will be compensated for the loss of the equipment. General Renegor, issue new purchases to replace the requested equipment and get in in the pipeline. Marshal Felsner, you will run interference for General Renegor if he needs it. Anyone throws too big of a fit, you send them to me. Am I clear gentlemen?" First Prince Hanse Davion said while standing from his chair.

Both officers jumped their feet and said "Yes Highness" before rapidly heading for the door.

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