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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 94 - What Could Go Wrong[]

8 April 3042
Inner End (Federated Commonwealth)

An hour before dawn, Leftenant Colonel David Mitchell had delivered the proposed total to the DropShip, the Running Fox, First Prince Hanse Davions personal Flagship. Not wanting to wake either, he had passed it off to the Davion Heavy Guard Captain for delivery. He had then returned to the SaRI compound, they had a busy day scheduled, thousands of tons of equipment were still needing to be unloaded and delivered to the surface. The system was still on lock down and the Space Port was secured by the Kilbourne DMM.

He hoped the total would be considered fair by the First Prince.

108 Armored Personnel Carrier (MG), Small, Hover (6,000,000)
108 Armored Personnel Carrier (MG), Small, Track (6,000,000)
108 Armored Personnel Carrier (MG), Small, Wheel (6,000,000)
72 Merkava MK VIII, Main Battle Tank, Track (250,000,000)
36 Burke, Fire Support, Tank, Track (100,000,000)
24 LTV-4, Tank, Hover (37,000,000)
72 Condor Cavalry, Tank, Hover (90,000,000)
72 Turhan, Tank, Wheel (85,000,000)
4 Prometheus Combat Support, Tank, Track (4,000,000)
36 Ballista, Artillery, Track (35,000,000)
192 Sherpa, Cargo, Wheel (40,000,000)
108 Sherpa, Fuel, Wheel (30,000,000)
20 Sherpa, Kitchen, Wheel (5,000,000)
21 Sherpa, MASH, Wheel (7,000,000)
20 Sherpa, HQ, Wheel (9,000,000)
24 Striker, Battlemech, Heavy (180,000,000)
72 Wasp, Battlemech, Light (115,000,000)
18 Wayland Mobile Base, Track (65,000,000)
24 Vlar 300 Fusion, Crated, New (40,000,000)
12 GM 150 Fusion, Crated, New (3,000,000)
24 GM 120 Fusion, Crated, New (6,000,000)
2,000 Automatic Rifle, Crated, New (4,000,000)
12,000 Magazine Rifle, Crated, New (120,000)
7,000 Automatic Pistol, Crated, New (3,500,000)
23,000 Magazine Pistol, Crated, New (115,000)
36 Chalker Model 25 PPC, Crated, New (7,000,000)
36 Holly-10 LRM-10 Launcher, Crated, New (3,600,000)
80 Class-5 Pontiac Autocannon, Crated, New (9,000,000)
144 Amdecker 300 Large Laser, Crated, New (14,000,000)
200 Ramsey-65 Machine Gun, Crated, New (1,000,000)
144 Diverse Optics Type 2 Medium Laser, Crated, New (5,500,000)
72 Bical SRM-2 Launcher, Crated, New (700,000)
36 GM Whirlwind Class 5 Autocannon, Crated, New (4,500,000)
48 Defiance B3M Medium Laser, Crated, New (1,800,000)
48 Holly-15 LRM-15 Launcher, Crated, New (8,000,000)
48 Holly-2 SRM-4 Launcher, Crated, New (3,000,000)
620 SureFire MiniGun, Crated, New (3,000,000)
300 Tons Acbar 55 Ferro-Fibrous (6,000,000)
800 Tons PanzerSlab Standard Armor (8,000,000)
1000 Tons Durallex Standard Armor (10,000,000)
400 Tons BAR 10 Armor (2,000,000)
300 Single Heat Sinks, Crated, New (600,000)
5,000 Tons Assorted Spare Parts (6,000,000)
1 Archer, ARC-2R (6,000,000)
2 Wolverine, WVR-6R (damaged) (8,000,000)
4 Firestarter, FS9-A (damaged) (10,000,000)
3 Enforcer, ENF-4R (10,000,000)
1 Whitworth, WTH-1S (3,000,000)
1 Lion Dropship (damaged) (250,000,000)
1 Danais Cargo Dropship (60,000,000)

Total - 1,527,435,000 C-Bills

It was a good payday, and he refused to deny the people a bonus, even though they almost all voted to not take a bonus to help fund upgrades in equipment. He decided that 15% of the salvage would be paid out in bonus money. Minus the former pirate vessels, mechs and equipment because those were a unit action, not a salvage find. That still left 118 Million to be divided among all the personnel which was roughly 90,000 C-Bills each as a bonus. Minus another 132 Million to be paid out to the survivors of those killed, even the newest people would receive the 1 Million dollar pay out. He figured they would still have 1.3 Billion and change to spend, plus he had the two Merchant JumpShips that he could sell. He hoped they could sell the Monarchs for 100 Million each at least. If he had to sell the Merchants too, between them and the Monarchs he should be able to get another Billion C-Bills.

Sergeant Davis had run the number on everything outside of the Jumpship and Dropships and figured their equipment expense would be:

12 Wolfhound, WLF-1B - 63,000,000
9 Phoenix Hawk, PHX-3S - 81,000,000
24 Manticore Tanks - 62,400,000
12 Drillson Hover - 30,000,000
12 Corsair, CSR-V12 - 27,600,000
8 Battlemech Recovery - 3,200,000
3 Engineering Vehicle - 2,100,000
4 Carbine Construction Mech - 4,000,000
4 Seeker Troop Tranport Dropships - 800,000,000

Total - 1,073,300,000 C-Bills

Star Lord Jumpship - 1,000,000,000 C-Bills
Mammoth Cargo Dropship - 465,000,000 C-Bills

They would be flat broke and probably 500 Million C-Bills in debt. This was a problem, a big problem, but one he could not figure a way out of. Even selling the Merchants and Monarchs would not provide them with everything.

Later that day, aboard Running Fox, First Prince Hanse Davion and Quintus Allard went over the detailed list delivered by Leftenant Colonel Mitchell.

"What do you think Quintus?" First Prince Hanse Davion asked

"They are undervaluing some items and a little over pricing others. But overall, it is a good bargain. Not sure that Lion Dropship is worth 250 Million C-Bills though, not as busted up as it is. Going to cost a bunch to even get it to launch. It is his new equipment list that concerns me, by me math, he is going to flat broke and still short a few hundred million." Quintus Allard replied

"I don't see that derelict Olympus Station on that list. Nor do I see anything about the Titan information. A slight oversight on his part, we will have to remedy it for him. I want my hidey hole really bad, and I cannot afford to have a well-known command gone for possibly years. So, as the Heap Big Chief of the Davion Family Trust, I will purchase the two Monarchs at 120 Million C-Bills each. Maybe use them when the entire family gets together around Christmas to pick them up. Miss Pembery says the Olympus is worth salvaging just for the repair bays if nothing else, those are always in short supply, so we shall say they are worth a cool Billion C-Bills and the Titan information is worth 500 Million C-Bills. The Federated Suns will pay for the Olympus salvage, the Davion family trust will pay for the Titan information." First Prince Hanse Davion said

"What are you going to do with the Titan information? Sell it back to the Federated Commonwealth for a profit?" Quintus Allard asked

"I am no crook, Quintus. I will give it to whatever company I select to build them, for a small upfront payout of say 100 Million and then say 5% of the profit on every ship they sell. I can see the Federated Commonwealth purchasing over a 100 easy, maybe even 200. The trust will make a profit for years on the investment." First Prince Hanse Davion said with a smile.

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