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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 83 - What Could Go Wrong[]

10 February 3042
Joshua (Former Outworlds System)

"Captain, there is that tiny assed jump signature again." The sensor operator called out.

Cursing under her breathe, Ship Master Sarah Campbell called "Chief Zuniga, we got that damned jump ping again. Will you please find what out what the hell it is and kill it."

On the Monarch, the MI3 officer said "Message sent. It will take about 9 days to get to New Avalon, we are right on the very edge of our calculate max range."

"Very well, maybe we can get the new one soon." Agent Jessica Hammel replied

"This is the newest model, complete with encryption capability built in. Max Range is 450LY, but speed was increased to 50LY per day.

11 February 3042

"I got nothing. Everything checks totally normal. I know it was something, I verified it with the civilian Jumpship, but it was extremely faint on his sensors. He is only 800km from us. I mean really faint. I am at a complete loss." Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga said

"Damned ship is cursed. I just do not trust this ship." Ship Master Sarah Campbell replied

18 February 3042
New Avalon (Federated Commonwealth, FedSun State Capital)

Quintus Allard accepted the message from his son Justin Allard, Intelligence Secretary of the Federated Commonwealth, and frowned as he read it.


To: Q. Allard From: Special Mission, Hammel
Priority: High

Recovered large cache. Engaged two P Bands. Difficulty in manning captured ships. CO wants to risk remote jumps with uncrewed ships, endangering captured prisoners. I disagree strongly. Also, system has derelict orbital, CO says you can have it if you want it. Can provide exact location on request. Cache very large. Awaiting instructions.


Looking at his father, Justin Allard said "Well, your project is bearing fruit it seems. They found something good. Not sure if she has the fortitude for this tasking. She is more investigator, and a very good one, than a wet work type."

"Yes, I can see that. She will either grow into the job or I will reassign her back to investigations. They are also fulfilling their contract. Two pirate bands eliminated on a single deployment. And caught their ships. Unlike Snord and his merry band who jeopardize the overall mission to hunt relics, my little band completes both tasks at the same time." Quintus Allard replied

"You really hate Snord don't you?" Justin Allard said

"Not hate, do not trust. Huge difference. There is just something that I cannot put my finger on about them. They are operating in the same region that the Dragoons popped out of. I wonder if they can find a stash as big as what they showed up with?" Quintus Allard replied

"Time will tell. Guess it depends on what they found this time. Five Regiments of Battlemechs is a massive find. Do you really think there is more out there?" Justin Allard asked

"Maybe the Dragoons are legit after all. They have a bunch of Jumpships and Dropships, maybe they went on a freelance pirate hunting spree out there. Though I am still suspicious of even that, we never could find any record of their initial personnel existing before they just popped up at Delos IV. I wonder how hard it would be to drag Hanse out there to rub this find in his face some?" Quintus Allard replied with a grin.

"See, your enjoying this a little too much pop." Justin Allard said and then "So, how are you going to respond to her message?"

Quintus Allard picked up a pen and started writing his reply. When he finished, he handed it to his son Justin. "Send this back to her."

Justin Allard read the message at the bottom of her message slip. He just shook his head as he tossed a quick salute to his father.


To: Special Mission, Hammel
From: Q. Allard
Priority: High

Recovered ships and equipment are top priority. Prisoners are secondary concern. Risk deemed within mission parameters. Proceed without delay.


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