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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 81 - What Could Go Wrong[]

7 February 3042
Joshua (Former Outworlds System)

Loading operations had finally been completed on the planet's surface. Their Star Lord Class Jumpship, under Ship Master Sarah Campbell, docked the loaded Behemoth Dropship, both Monarch Dropships, Union CV Fighter Carrier Dropship and Mule Cargo Dropship for the jump to the Nadir Jump Point. Takingt the Dropship crew from both Monarch and Mule Dropships, they managed to crew the captured Union & Danais Class Dropships which would make the 12 day journey to the Nadir Jump Point on their own escorted by Intrusive, Intruder Assault Dropship.

Once there, it was planned for the shuttles from the Behemoth Large Cargo Dropship would shuttle over the 10,000 plus tons of salvage that had been transported to the derelict Olympus station. Though Chief Zuniga still moaned about the amount of money they were leaving behind, but even he realized that they had neither the resources nor the trained personnel to conduct a salvage operation on that sort of scale. No matter how badly he wanted to conduct it. As it was, they had just over a month of travel just to get back to Inner End.

Leftenant Colonel David Mitchell took the time to interview the captain of the captured Merchant Jumpship. There was nothing else to do anyway.

"Lying is going to get you nowhere, but then again, neither will telling me the truth. That is the blunt truth. About all I can do is tell the Fed authorities that you cooperated with me. It might help you, it might not. Again, that is the blunt truth. Now, where were you based at?" Leftenant Colonel Mitchell asked

"System three jumps from here. K5V star, normal recharge time of 176 hours. Third planet, but a 14 day trip from the jump points. We usually come in at one of the pirate points to cut that down." The captain replied

"How big is the force on the ground?" Leftenant Colonel Mitchell asked

"Maybe two platoons of infantry. Nothing else. It's a small base, maybe 350-400 slaves tend the fields around the small town we call home." Came the answer.

"What do you know about other pirate bands in the region?" Leftenant Colonel Mitchell asked

"Other than General Jaws, only one we know of in the immediate region is the Waste Raiders. They claim a pretty good-sized area. I know they have bases on two systems. Dangerous bunch of cut throats. But out here, your forced to deal with them." The captain replied

"Why do you have to deal with them?" Leftenant Colonel Mitchell asked

"They have a fully operational Olympus Recharge Station located at the Nadir Jump Point of their main base. It is the only place you have can any sort of work done on either Dropships or Jumpships out here. Why do you think the two ships you captured are Merchant Jumpships? They fit right into the stations repair bay. Why you think that station over yonder is stripped bare? It's how they keep theirs functioning. They have some light manufacturing on the surface, plus mining operations for the raw ores. Food comes in via Jumpship from their other system, so I am told." The captain answered

"How big is the Waste Raiders?" Leftenant Colonel Mitchell asked

"Big. I can only speak from a spacers view and what I have seen. At least a reinforced Wing of Aerospace fighters. Pretty sure they operate four Merchant Jumpships. One Mule Dropship for sure, maybe two Danais Cargo Dropships and one big assed Mammoth Dropship. Super rare out here, matter of fact, the only one I have ever seen out here. No clue where the lucky bastards scored that. The amount of loot it can carry." The captain replied

"Nothing else?" Leftenant Colonel Mitchell asked

"Nope, we usually raid the Federated Suns, from Delos down to Kentwood. Stupid Feds usually assume we are based at Novo Franklin or maybe the dumb miners from the Mica Majority. Throws them off our trail." The captain relied

"I will have the guards take you back to your holding cells. I will try to verify the information you gave me and if it checks out, I will put in a good word for you with the authorities." Leftenant Colonel Mitchell said waving to the two suited guards to take him away.

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