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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 7 - What Could Go Wrong[]

28 December 3039
Breed (Federated Commonwealth)

Captain David Mitchell took a deep breath before proceeding towards the NAIS team now inside the hanger. He paused until he identified the person in charge. His pace slowed as he felt the small bag containing the data drives for what must have been the millionth time. Once near the man directing the rest of the NAIS team, he waited to be noticed. It took almost ten minutes, so engrossed in his task was the man.

"Can I help you with something, Captain?" The small man said

"Captain David Mitchell, Sir. I located some data drives containing old SLDF deployment locations, after action reviews from 2765 and 2766. I think there might be more information on them, important information but we have not been able to really dive too deep in it." Captain Mitchell explained while handing over some hard copies they had printed.

The man took the bundle of paper and rapidly flipped thru the pages before handing it back "While this is interesting stuff, I see nothing in here that would be of interest to the NAIS, except maybe to Professor Julie Grant, her specialty is military history."

"Sir, there is one account of a Germanium deposit rich enough for the SLDF to garrison. A former Outworlds Alliance system no longer on maps but close to our border with them." Captain Mitchell tossed out the big bone for a bite.

"All well and good, Captain, but if it is close to our borders. It probably means it is inside space claimed by the Outworlds Alliance. I doubt the Federated Suns will go to war over this system. Add in that it would take a detailed search to locate this system and I do not see the Federated Suns violating Outworlds claimed space to find it." The small man replied before turning back to his task.

"So, you're saying the NAIS does not want this information or the drives, Mister?" Captain Mitchell asked

BattleMaster (Cargo Docks - MWO version)

BattleMaster Assault 'Mech

Clearly irritated, the small NAIS leader turned to face him fully "Captain, outside of Professor Grant, the NAIS has no interest in this information or drives. You can send them to her, keep them as an heirloom, maybe sell them to a private collector. Now if you will excuse me, I have much more pressing tasks to accomplish. And the name is Professor Hiram Igram, New Avalon Institute of Science." The conversation over, the NAIS leader moved closer to the BLR-2C BattleMaster pointing and shouting at his team.

Well, no one can say I did not try, Captain Mitchell thought as he also clicked off the small recorder in his pocket as he walked away. This had been a risky plan, but also one he wanted some cover for later down the road. At least he was not arrested for prying into the data drives. But now, he could proceed with a clear conscious. Now I just have to figure out how to make this work, he thought.

30 December 3039

"Your resigning your commission? Why?" Major Edwin Davion asked

"Got passed over for promotion. It could be 3-4 years before I come back around. I have done 12 years, been in 2 wars. That is enough for a lifetime. It is time for a change." Captain David Mitchell informed his Battalion Commander. A Davion he might be, but he was on a very distant branch, quite a way removed from First Prince Hanse Davions line. But he was still a Davion and the name alone could cause trouble.

"I see. Your an excellent company commander, an excellent combat commander. You have seen your fitness report I assume. I gave you the highest marks I could in those fields." Major Davion said

"Yes sir, you did. But then you also marked me low on administration skills, lack of staff time in headquarters and made the observation that I was combative with higher ranks." Captain Mitchell replied

"All very true. You have done everything possible to stay out of a staff position, which is greatly needed for promotion. You have also been quite, let us say hostile to many of my idea's, plans, or the way I lead this Battalion." Major Davion said

He took a deep breath before answering, have to control my temper. "Sir, beg your pardon but I kept this Battalion alive during the last big fight. I do not agree with many of the ways you lead this Battalion. Trying to fight a stand-up fight against Battlemechs is asking for this Battalion to get slaughtered. Instead of letting the Battalion spend more time training, you have us doing endless inspections and drills. Last time I looked, this was the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, no Federated Commonwealth, not some Lyran social club."

"The amount of field time you and the other company commanders request costs money, lots of money. One 2 week field exercise is enough per year. We do our twice a year range qualification. If you spent more time in the staff here at headquarters, you would understand that. So, Captain Mitchell, I will expedite your paperwork for you. Dismissed." Major Hiram Davion said, ending the conversation.

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