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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 60 - What Could Go Wrong[]

19 November 3041
Joshua (Former Outworld System)

Captain Gweneth Rolando saw to to her wounded first, having them transported back to the Intrusive, Intruder Assault Dropship with its extensive medical facilities. The medics with Bravo Company tended to the freed prisoners before even looking at the captured and wounded pirates. As she walked in front of the pirates, one spit on her boot, bringing her to an abrupt stop. She looked down at the bound prisoner and said, "Do that again and my boot will say hello to your teeth." She continued down the row of prisoners, quite a few had defiant looks on their faces, but a few caught her eye, these had some fear in them.

"Sergeant Crenshaw. We will start the questioning with these four, please have them escorted to where I have made my CP." She pointed to the four showing enough fear that they might provide information for their life.

"Yes, Sir." Sergeant Crenshaw replied as he pointed to the four for his squad to take away.

Twenty minutes later, Captain Rolando had the first pirate before her, a young man, no more than 25. He was obviously scared. "Your name?"

"Adolfo. My name is Adolfo." The pirate replied

"Last name?" Captain Rolando asked

"Don't have one. Always been called Adolfo." The pirate said

"Okay Adolfo. Your young for being a pirate. How did you come to be mixed up with this trash?" Captain Rolando asked

"Join or die. Simple as that. Been 4 or 5 years now I guess. I don't like it, but it is better than dying or being a slave." Adolfo replied

"How many more are there?" Captain Rolano asked

"Pirate bands? Bunches. We trade with them and them with us. Sometimes there is a fight, but not much." Adolfo replied

"I meant, in your group." Captain Rolando said

"Ah, General Jaws is not here. He is off raiding. But back soon. You best get gone by then. He is mean and will be mad." Adolfo replied

"General Jaws? How many are in his group?" Captain Rolando asked

"One lifter. Eight of the big metal men. As many as us here." Adolfo replied

It took her a minute to decipher what he said. Lifter meant Dropship, eight metal men, Battlemechs with 60-70 grunts. "You have much education, Adolfo?"

"Not much. My mother did her best until she got killed. On my own long time till General Jaws caught me." Adolfo replied

"Sergeant Crenshaw, escort Adolfo here to a secure location. Make sure he gets some food and water." Captain Rolando said

The other three had similar stories and education, their information matched that given by Adolfo. She had all four kept away from the other prisoners. She stood and looked in the distance where a recovery party was extracting the dead from the destroyed Turhan. She turned slightly "Sergeant Crenshaw, have Sergeant Davis go back to the depot and bring our Heavy APCs out here. We need the extra carry capacity."

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