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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 57 - What Could Go Wrong[]

17 November 3041
New Avalon (Federated Commonwealth, FedSuns Capital)

Hauptmann General Clive Renegor, Department of the Quartermaster, looked up at the slight knock and saw his aide standing in the door to his office. "What is it, Albone?"

"Sir, a visitor to see you. Says it is vital and refuses to give his name." Lieutenant Albone replied

"I am expecting no one and if he will not give his name, then I do not have time for him.",, Hauptmann General Clive Renegor

A figure appeared behind Lieutenant Albone and slowly pushed the young officer to the side a little "You may return to your duties, young man. See to it we are not disturbed." Quintus Allard said

Hauptmann General Clive Renegor stood and stammered out "No one bothers us Albone, sir, please come in and take a seat. How can I help you?" Quintus Allard needed no introductions to anyone serving in the AFFS or now AFFC High Command, even retired, the man had the ear of First Prince Hanse Davion totally and completely.

Verifying the door was closed, Quintus Allard walked to Hauptmann General Renegor's desk and said, "Do you mind? I prefer being behind the desk."

Hauptmann General Renegor, though irritated by the action, was not about to say anything, not to Quintus Allard. "Please, be my guest, Sir."

Taking a seat behind the desk, Quintus Allard said "About a year ago you made some transportation arrangements, I need some travel arrangements also done quietly but they need to be delivered at their destination just as rapidly."

Hauptmann General Renegor could read between the lines with the best of them and what he read spoke volumes to him "Sir, it is part of my job description, though usually equipment, not personnel. That would be the Navy Department."

Quintus Allard picked up a stray pencil on the desk and played with is for a few seconds. "I see, I would rather not use them. You arrange civilian transports all the time, even forming unofficial command circuits when critical equipment must get somewhere quickly or am I mistaken?"

"That is correct sir. It is expensive, but only used when absolutely a must." Hauptmann General Clive Renegor replied

"I see. Is that how the new Seeker Dropships made it to the Kilbourne DMM so quickly?" Quintus Allard played his aces.

Some of the blood left Hauptmann General Renegor's face as he answered "Yes, Sir. They really needed those new ships, so I made the proper arrangements to shave a few months travel time." Just how much does he really know.., Hauptman General Renegor thought, he was holding a pair of deuces.

"Well then, you are the right man to see. I need to move 424 people quietly and very quickly to Inner End. Your task is easier as every one of them are here on New Avalon right now. How fast can you get them there?" Quintus Allard said

Inner End, lord save me from Sergeant Major Pullman! thought Hauptman General Renegor "If I may have my desk, Sir, I can check."

Quintus Allard did not stand, just pushed the chair back some and waved his hand "Please, work your magic."

Hauptman General Renegor walked to his desk and standing, he opened a special program that was linked with the Department of the Navy which tracked, on a small time delay, all traffic inside the Federated Suns border. He typed in New Avalon as the starting point and Inner End as the destination. He then selected critical top priority and hit enter. The program began its search of all known shipping schedules to form an unofficial Command Circuit. It took 8 minutes for the program to work out all the calculations needed. With no dates entered, it gave him a list of 31 possible start and end dates. He spun the screen so that Quintus Allard could see it.

"These are the options you have, Sir. If I have a departure date and arrival date, I can narrow it down even more." Hauptman General Renegors said

Quintus Allard studied the listed schedule for a minute or two before pointing and saying "This one will work. I see the departure date is in 17 days and arrival at Inner End will be 37 days. Quick enough. The passengers will be at the Zenith Jump Point waiting for the Jumpship. A single Condor Dropship will be carried, it will return at a more normal pace. I will let you make the arrangements for that also. Please send this list and all information to First Prince Hanse Davion's office and I will pick it up there. I see this special transit will cost the AFFC an additional 1.7 Million C-Bills, the additional costs will be paid from this account, submit the invoice here." He handed over a small card with only an account number on it.

Hauptman General Renegor's took the small card, looked at it and then placed it in his pocket. "I will send the information you need quickly. I will need to get started right away, Sir."

Quintus Allard stood up "Certainly Hauptman General, do not let me keep you any longer. I am sure you understand that this is classified and not to be spoken about, to anyone?"

"Absolutely. No one will know, Sir." Hauptman General Renegor said to the back of Quintus Allard as he opened the office door and walked out. He did not know what was going on, did not want to know what was going on, but most importantly he did not want to have that man in his office again. He got to work.

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