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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 53 - What Could Go Wrong[]

31 October 3041
Mizar (Federated Commonwealth)

Petra Claus, Project Lead Fairchild Dornier, had taken the slow ride back to Mizar, refusing to leave her prizes unattended on a cargo Dropship. But her precious cargo and herself had finally arrived back on Mizar. After supervising the unloading of the shipping containers, she gave strict orders that they were to remain unopened after they were brought into an empty hanger. She had then rushed over to the building where Fairchild Dornier was headquartered, patting the SL-25 Samurai in the lobby as she passed it. She rode the elevator to the top floor where she stormed down the hallway until she reached the always open door of Isadore Dornier, CEO of Fairchild Dornier.

"Ah, Petra, you have finally returned. Tell me, what have you brought home?" Isadore Dornier asked

Petra closed the office door before answering her. "How about a SL-26 Samurai, operational, the remains of another and an extra XL engine."

"The Samurai is in the lobby, but this is another version? But no matter, we cannot reproduce it. Neither the company nor I can afford to rebuild the factory to build it. It will be a very nice addition in the lobby." Isadore Dornier said

"Sir, this could be the return to greatness for Fairchild Dornier. Everyone in the manufacturing fields know that technology once lost is returning. We CAN rebuild this fighter, this advanced version." Petra replied

"I understand your desire, but the financial resources to make this happen just do not exist. No bank is going to loan us the money in the amount we would need. Much less the amount of money for new production equipment to manufacture the advanced technology you say this fighter has. The plans no longer exist in any of our records, we would be forced to literally hand dismantle this fighter, engineer the parts, every single part by hand mind you, to create the proper assembly equipment. It would cost millions and take years to accomplish the task. I am sorry." Isadore Dornier said

"I will do it. On my own time. In addition to my duties here, which are to just over see the production lines of planes we have been building for centuries, I will dismantle the fighter, get every part fed into the CAD systems. Please sir, this is my lifelong dream, allow me this." Petra pleaded

"Petra, even with you doing all of that, for what? We cannot afford to rebuild the factory to build it. So, you save me some money, it will be a moot point. I see no way to accomplish what you desire." Isadore Dornier said

She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes "Do I have your permission to work on the fighter in my own time? Just in case?" Petra Claus asked, her voice husky as she fought back the tears

"I feel you are wasting your time, but if it will give you pleasure. Yes, you have my permission to play with your dreams. Do not let this get in the way of your official duties though." Isadore Dornier replied

"It will not, sir, and thank you, sir." Petra Claus said as she turned, opened the door and literally fled down the hallway lest someone see her bawling like a baby.

Inner End (Federated Commonwealth)

Adept Leon Hernandez did not like to be summoned, unless by Precentor ROM himself. Even hated it more when it might interfere with any mission he was on. It had taken him 5 hours to make his way back to the Comstar compound from his hide site overlooking his target. Reaching his destination, he literally threw the door open. "What is so important that you have summoned me away from my mission, Adept Wellings?"

Adept Collin Wellings pushed a picture across his desk. "This is why I called for your immediate return. Do you know what that is?"

Picking up the picture, Adept Leon Hernandez looked it over. "No clue. Why is this important to me or you even?" He said as he tossed the picture back on the desk.

"I did a tour at Ross 248. Comstar has exactly two of what is pictured there. It is a Titan Fighter Carrier Dropship. Manufactured by Di Tron Heavy Industries, only a single complex survived the Amaris Coup but it was decommissioned and dismantled to fully return the Titan Yards to operational status. None outside of our two have been seen since the Amaris Coup, yet your targets have managed to find one. An operational one. That Adept Hernandez is a huge deal." Adept Wellings replied

"So, I should do what, abandon my current mission to travel to this Titan Dropship and take it from them? That is totally outside of our mission skill sets. Make a call for the Valkyrie, this is their area of expertise." Adept Hernandez said and without waiting for a response turned and walked out of the room.

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