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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 48 - What Could Go Wrong[]

21 October 3041
Joshua (Former Outworlds System)

Very cautiously, a squad of engineers entered the lit tunnel, carefully looking for any sort of hidden defensive weapons or traps. As they reached the end of the entrance, they halted while one of their members signaled the others to come forward. Just beyond the massive door, was a normal sized door, complete with a large window allowing a view of the massive entrance, but also inside. On the smaller door was a stenciled name plate that read:

Star League Defense Force
Long Term Storage Site 5 (Joshua)
Inventory Control

As the now fairly large group entered the site, they all paused and read the stencil. Leftenant Colonel Mitchell looked at Sergeant Nathan Davis "Would you care to work your magic, Davis, and find out exactly what we have located?"

Sergeant Davis did not even voice a response; he just nodded and opened the door into the office. He paused at the doorway and took in everything about the small 12 foot by 12 foot room. Three desks, each had a computer mounted on them, along one wall was a large rack holding what looked like hundreds of folders. Finally, his curiosity got the better of him and he moved to the rack of files and pulled one out. He flipped the folder open; it held roughly 4 pages. The first page read:

LTV-4 Hover Tank
Serial Number - SLDF00983354
Manufacturer - Lucas Technologies
Manufacture Date - 1/2599
Storage Date - 4/2765

He flipped the page and read some of what it contained. Closing the folder, he placed it back onto the rack, close to where he had pulled it. "Well, what did it say?" This caused him to turn, and he saw Leftenant Colonel Mitchell standing in the doorway, leaning on the door frame.

"LVT-4 Hover Tank, stored 4/2765, also the complete history on the vehicle. Where it was assigned, transferred, damaged, repaired. Hard copy record." Sergeant Davis replied

"Well, that is one tank found. I can read folders, but I suck at computers. That might be a little faster, don't you think?" Leftenant Colonel Mitchell said, but it was said in an amused sort of way.

"Yes Sir, sorry, this is a pretty huge deal. Hard to think that this is even real." Sergeant Davis replied as he sat down at one of the desks. Whatever was powering the lights was also feeding power to the computer system. The monitor displayed a simple:

<Master Inventory Control (spacebar to continue)>

He slid out the keyboard and tapped the spacebar and he was now looking at a list of everything in this storage depot. He moved the small pointer over one of the items with a quantity listed by it and hit enter. The screen now displayed all of those items only. Okay, so I can drive into each item to see whatever I want, he thought as he played with the controls to familiarize himself with the system. Pretty basic really, but it works, even after all these years, so robust as hell. He continued playing with the system a little longer before returning to the main index screen. He saw Leftenant Colonel Mitchell still leaning on the door frame waiting.

"Okay sir, it says we have the following inside this storage site." Sergeant Davis began reading the list off aloud.

108 Armored Personnel Carrier (MG), Small, Hover
108 Armored Personnel Carrier (MG), Small, Track
108 Armored Personnel Carrier (MG), Small, Wheel
72 Merkava MK VIII, Main Battle Tank, Track
36 Burke, Fire Support, Tank, Track
36 LTV-4, Tank, Hover
72 Condor Cavalry, Tank, Hover
108 Turhan, Tank, Wheel
12 Prometheus Combat Support, Tank, Track
36 Ballista, Artillery, Track
216 Sherpa, Cargo, Wheel
108 Sherpa, Fuel, Wheel
24 Sherpa, Kitchen, Wheel
24 Sherpa, MASH, Wheel
24 Sherpa, HQ, Wheel
36 Striker, Battlemech, Heavy
72 Wasp, Battlemech, Light
24 Wayland Mobile Base, Track
36 Vlar 300 Fusion, Crated, New
36 GM 180 Fusion, Crated, New
12 GM 150 Fusion, Crated, New
12 Pitban 320 Fusion, Crated, New
24 GM 120 Fusion, Crated, New
3,000 Automatic Rifle, Crated, New
18,000 Magazine Rifle, Crated, New
9,000 Automatic Pistol, Crated, New
27,000 Magazine Pistol, Crated, New
24,000 Uniform, Camouflage, Crated, New
12,000 Boot, Pair, Crated, New
9,000 Helmet, Combat, Crated, New

"That is about it, unless you want to know about a zillion rolls of toilet paper that is 300 years old, a zillion SLDF combat rations also 300 years old and other odds and ends. The list just keeps going, ammunition, spare weapons, parts. I could read this off for an hour." Sergeant Davis said

Even Leftenant Colonel Mitchell was stunned by the size of their find. "That will do, Nathan, you have done an outstanding job. Go get some sleep, you deserve it. Now we need to figure out how to haul all this out of here. I don't think a Mule is big enough."

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