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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 258 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Linden (Former Outworlds System)
28th January, 3047

"RWS Krait is once again back in perfect condition." Captain Marcus Birch said with glee.

"Then we can start taking the station apart. But before we do that, I want to go ahead and dock the Titan inside followed by one of the Elephant Tugs DropShips. President Mitchell wanted to do it and we might as well do it now while we know everything works to perfection instead of at Boulsi." Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga said

"What are we hauling back this time?" Captain Marcus Birch asked

"We have 21 collars on the ships we brought. I see you have two Merchant Class Jumpships holding here, so that gives us 25 collars total. We brought six Dropships with us so that leaves us with 20 collars. Both orbital factories and three of the habitats takes us down to fifteen collars left. Add the eight additional Dropships you have here, and we are down to seven collars. This station will eat up a dozen collars, and I think that should be priority, so we only take five of your eight Dropships back this trip." Chief Engineer Zuniga replied

"Very well, I will start informing all the people and get things organized on that front. How long to break the station down?" Captain Marcus Birch asked

"Reginald tells me that his estimate is two weeks to break it down once we have run the Titan and Elephant thru here. Figure another week to get the sections all docked and tests run on the hookups." Chief Engineer Zuniga replied

"You know I have two collars on Krait we can use also. We can carry two additional habitats." Captain Marcus Birch said

"I forgot about those, maybe because I assumed you would want to remain here." Chief Engineer Zuniga replied

"This convoy is too important to leave undefended. Krait will escort the missions back and forth until we are done moving everything from here to Boulsi." Captain Marcus Birch said

30 January 3047

The Titan Fighter Carrier Dropship, SaRI Wavefront had been carefully docked inside the station's construction bay. Dennis Stinson double checked everything before he entered the diagnostic screen. Once again, the message appeared <<"Warning, Restricted Access, SLDF Override Needed, Insert Override Security Key.">> He slipped the security key into the slot and <<"Download initiated. SLDF Override Confirmed.">>

He turned to where Chief Engineer Zuniga was standing beside him "Just like Krait, there are hidden files stored onboard."

"Looks that way. I wonder if every ship has a hidden section, not just the former SLDF ships. If so, that just made this station so much more valuable."

<<"Download complete">> Appeared on the screen and Dennis Stinson ran a fast diagnostic on SaRI Wavefront. With no jump core to access, this only took an hour to complete. "She is due an overhaul according to the computer. But I think you will want to do that at Boulsi. Now let's see if she appears on the construction side of the system."

He typed in his commands and listed with the other four ships was now listed Titan Class Fighter Carrier Dropship, Standard.

"There must be a variant since it says Standard. I wonder what those variant changes from this ship? But, now we can now build more Titans and according to this, we can build two of them at the same time. Only a two-month construction time." Dennis Stinson said

"We don't have one to know, but I bet it is an upgrade of some sort. Let's get the Elephant Tug in here. The sooner we can begin the process of breaking this station down, the sooner we can get back and start putting her back together again.

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