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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 250 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
18th December, 3046

"Where are we with all that heavy machinery we purchased?" President David Mitchell asked

Derek Paulson took a minute to find the proper pages in the large ring binder he seemed to always have with him. "The steel mill is as of today is 66% complete. Once completed, we will have the ability to produce cold rolled and hot rolled steel. We also have a textile mill at 48% completed, but until we either start collecting wool from Boulsi or plant Cotton, it is useless to us. The Aluminum mill is completed and is currently stockpiling the raw ore so that we can begin production of Aluminum billets or Aluminum sheets. Our flour mill is at 90% complete along with another cannery to can fresh produce and fruits. We just started construction of the bread factory."

"Most modern factories house just about everything, but since lack the much-needed infrastructure to easily haul what we mine, we have constructed separate factory sites near each mine itself. I was waiting to get the steel factory into production before hitting you with a request for some trains and some expert track layers. They are the most cost-efficient way of moving large loads across planets. The factories themselves need quite a large work force, and this will force us to increase the size of the nearby towns. The newly arrived people from Wokha are being relocated close to the mines and factories to provide the needed work force. This has also greatly increased the power generation needs of those sites." Derek continued

"As such, I highly recommend we contact Offerman Atomics Limited, they help manufacture the largest civilian fission power plants in the Outback region. While you could spend quite a lot more and purchase fusion plants, we do have ample radioactive to fuel the fission plants. They are much cheaper than the fusion power plants. They do have the downside of producing waste that we will have to deal with down the road. I am told they even make a small modular design where you can add additional reactors to increase power at a site. I know they had one operating on Bristol, I even did a report on the economics of this particular design for poorer worlds. Going from memory, each reactor can produce 60MW and you can place up to 12 in a single power plant. They are factory built and designed to operate for 30 years. I think that is what we should be looking at, we are slowly expanding, and we are in need of quite a few power stations. Right now, we are using spare Battlemech reactors to power the different towns we are establishing. I know that is causing some friction with your techs every time we request another one." Derek said

"Though they also build traditional power plants that are larger but overall cheaper to build. For the capitol here, that might be the best way to go, but the modular would probably be best for the other regions. We could add new reactors as we need the additional power. The main hospital is almost complete here and several of the outlying smaller hospitals are already complete though vastly understaffed. But it still a vast improvement than what was here before you arrived. Our largest lack is in the education of our citizens, though that is improving at a respectable pace. In twenty years, we will have reached a fairly respectable level of education. That will enable us to increase the skill of our available workforce and possibly begin to think higher tech.", concluded Derek

"That was more than I expected, Derek. But you covered what I needed to know. We will start shipping our raw ores from Wokha to here to be converted to a more finished product that we can then sell back to the Feds on Wokha at a higher price. Plus, freight charges. We are not going to get fleeced by some bean counter. Inform Reinhard over on Wokha of my wishes. If I am not mistaken, we bought enough heavy machinery for two of everything. Well, I am not going to build the factories on Wokha, even if it would be so much easier on our logistics. Cause then, being on a Fed claimed world, have to pay additional taxes. We will keep that money for ourselves. I also think we should think about cranking up some landing fees at the Space Port. They should help bear the brunt of the upkeep over there. Use the standard rate in the Fed Com but add an additional 15% since we are way out here and anything special that breaks has to shipped out here." President Mitchell said

"Very well, Sir. But I have to caution you, this could start a trade war." Derek Paulson replied

"Who do we trade with but the FedCom next door? Though I am hoping to change that in the very near future. I doubt even the First Prince wants to build the Wokha infrastructure from the ground up to support what he is doing over there or ship all the needed material out here. He will keep paying for our goods, he might not like it, but he will pay." President Mitchell said

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