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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 25 - What Could Go Wrong[]

7 May 3041
Inner End (Federated Commonwealth)

Adept Collin Wellings watched Carl Heinrich Theodor Knorr enter the warehouse but also noted the guard outside the door. He had not learned anything about this Harry Caldwell, but he had a name to work with from the HPG messages. That detail had led him here. While he watched the warehouse, he noted a two-person roving patrol making rounds further away from the warehouse. Though they were not obviously armed, he figured they were. The guards all had military style haircuts, walked like soldiers and he would bet a month's pay that they were soldiers. The question was who's soldiers were they? What is in this warehouse worth guarding? Better yet, what was worth 90 million C-Bills?

Half a block away, Jessica Hammel, MIIO, watched Adept Collin Wellings. Having followed him from the Comstar station, then to a hotel and now to here. That Wellings was ROM was no secret to MIIO, but he had also not caused any problems, mainly sticking to the Comstar station or his fairly high-end apartment. When he had actually left the compound, alone, that had raised some flags at the local MIIO station. She had been detailed to follow him and see what he was up to. Now here she sat, watching him, watch a warehouse. Using binoculars, she looked at the warehouse. She watched the man posted at the side door, watched him stretch and then, probably subconsciously, adjust something on his side under the light jacket. Gun, was her immediate thought. Now her question was, who was Adept Wellings watching, the man he followed of this warehouse with an armed guard. She studied the guard, short haircut, almost a crew cut. Look military, but she knew of no mercenary commands on Inner End and he did not look anything like the local militia.

Inside the warehouse, Carl Heinrich Theodor Knorr shook hands with Master Sergeant Harry Caldwell and Chief Vincent Zuniga once again. "We have a deal sirs. We will be purchasing the 6 Rapier fighters for 90 Million C-Bills."

Rapier Aerospace Fighter (in Flight - IWM version)

Rapier Heavy Aerospace Fighter in flight

"Music to our ears, Mr. Knorr. When the money has been deposited in our account you can take possession of the 6 fighters. We have them all loaded in their shipping containers. You let us know when your people will be picking them up and we will make it happen." Master Sergeant Harry Caldwell said

"Of course. The funds should be here in a couple days. Until then, I will begin the process of arranging transport of the containers. I should contact you via message board as before with the details, ja?" Carl Knorr replied

"That will be fine. If for some reason I am unavailable, the message board is checked regularly, and you will be told who to talk to. Now would you at least like to inspect what you have paid for?" Master Sergeant Caldwell said

"Yes, that would be wise. This is all new to me. It would be a shame to have my boss ask why empty containers arrived." Carl Knorr replied

After two hours, Carl Heinrich Theodor Knorr exited the building with a large muscular man. They shook hands and Carl Knorr moved to a taxi that just pulled up. Must have called one from inside, Collin Wellings thought, but he kept his attention on the large man now talking to the guard at the door. A clap on the shoulder of the guard followed by the man's broad smile must mean good news was delivered, like 90 million C-Bills worth. The large man entered the side door out of sight again, but Collin Wellings had a possible new lead to follow.

Jessica Hammel watched the initial target of Wellings depart but he did not follow. Instead, he stayed right where he was, watching the warehouse. What is in that warehouse that has his attention, she asked herself silently. She made mental notes to check the warehouse, who is renting it, the full works. Inner End was such a boring posting, nothing really here that ROM would deem worthy of hitting. Unlike near New Avalon where there was serious action with ROM and MIIO playing a deadly game of cat and mouse. But now look, she thought, we have some action.

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