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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 238 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Linden (Former Outworlds System)
12th September, 3046

Colonel Harold Croyle studied the massive Germanium refinery and shook his head at the monumental task before him. He estimated that there had to be at least 250,000 tons of machinery at this single refinery and there were supposed to be two more down here. He studied the large hunk of metal before him trying to locate how to break into manageable sections. He had his second Battalion checking out the Titanium processing facilities. He did not have much hope for good news as if they were anything like this site.

To make matters worse, the very air had a very unpleasant sulfur odor, and everyone was masked up. He turned around as a Mule Class Cargo Dropship lifted off carrying 8,000 tons of Germanium to the shipyard. He shook his head as he did the math and realized that its cargo was worth a Billion C-Bills on the open market. There was another Mule and Jumbo Dropships also loading their cargo of Germanium and two Mules and a Jumbo Dropship loading the Titanium. He turned his head slightly to look at the mountain of Germanium sitting roughly 3 kilometers away. He knew he was going to be tasked with moving all that back to Thazi and silently cursed the coming task.

Turning back to stare at the mountain of machinery he said to his waiting people "No sense in standing here wishing it was going to be easy. We know it is going to suck, so let's get to work so that we can get the hell off this smelly planet as quick as we can."

At the Nadir Jump Point, Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga and Reginald Traveline supervised getting the Orbital habitats docked with their assigned Jumpships. Once one was docked, checks were run to verify everything was as it was supposed to be. Several of the local computer techs ran diagnostics on the habitats and KF Booms to double check everything, even though the SaRI crews had already checked them twice. It was their families and friends riding the Habitats to their new home. The sudden launching of Aerospace Fighters caught his attention, and he cringed as he said "What is going on?"

"Incoming emergence wave detected. Captain Birch says it is probably a returning trader, but cannot promise that." Came the response.

"Oh, that is just peachy. Perfect timing, please give us a twenty minute heads up before you make an emergency jump so we can clear off and get inside. I really do not want to hull surf a jump." Chief Engineer Zuniga said

JumpShip - (Gray Death Legion - Sega CD)

Merchant Class JumpShip

"Hull surf?" Reginald Traveline asked over the radio.

"Yeah, only the craziest spacers do that crap. I am not crazy. Hull surfing is where you tether to the hull of a Jumpship and ride the ship thru a jump. On the outside. Bare inches are all that stands between your head and the edge of the damned bubble the core develops." Chief Engineer Zuniga said

"Uh, yeah let's not hull surf." Reginald Traveline replied

When the Merchant Class Jumpship materialized carrying a Jumbo and Mule Cargo Dropships, there was a lot of breath holding until Captain Birch confirmed the identification codes being broadcast as friendly. "That is Captain Carla Hansen, one of the traders."

Three hours later Captain Carla Hansen was introduced to Major General David Mitchell aboard the Olympus Station. "Captain Carla Hansen, Major General David Mitchell. We are moving to join his people. Good to have you back safe and sound." Captain Marcus Birch introduced.

"We are joining his people? Where the hell are we moving to?" Captain Carla Hansen asked

Major General David Mitchell was silent for a few seconds as he looked at the stunningly beautiful woman standing before him. He was finally able to snap himself out of it. "We are based on Thazi, but we are moving you all to Boulsi for security."

"That is heavy pirate country. Sorsk is the closest we go in that area of space." Captain Carla Hansen replied

"Not anymore. The pirates are dead. Thazi is now a free system." Major General Mitchell said

"Under who's rule?" Captain Carla Hansen asked

"Your looking at him. Much to my annoyance, I got elected as President for life. Not a position I ever wanted." Major General Mitchell said

"How do we know your not some pirate scum? Marcus, have you lost your mind?" Captain Carla Hansen asked

"No, Linden is dying, and we have to move to where we can actually live a decent life. They got the shipyard activated and we are repairing the Krait as we speak. They have not done anything hostile, nothing at all." Captain Marcus Birch replied

"You have been stuck here for too long Marcus. That damned group Sons of Plunder are getting bolder. They hit Barahona right before we got there, killed a couple hundred people and took another thousand or so as slaves. Blood thirsty bastards. I am told they have grown in size, now several battalions strong." Captain Carla Hansen said

"All the more reason for us to link up with someone. Plus, it puts us further from those bastards." Captain Marcus Birch replied

"Sons of Plunder, you mentioned them before, Marcus. Anyone know where they are based?" Major General Mitchell asked

"Not a clue, and they rolled right over the Barahona Militia like they were not even there I am told." Captain Carla Hansen said, also sizing up the man in front of her. At 6 foot one and 225lbs, the 44 year old was in excellent shape and quite a looker, she thought silently.

"I am quite sure that they will not roll over us so easily. But I would prefer to find them before they find us and catch us off guard." Major General Mitchell replied

"We will worry about them later Carla, the people voted and joining the General and his people won. Now, what did you bring back on your ships?" Captain Marcus Birch asked

"Long trip. Almost a year. Water. What else. 4,500 tons on the Mule and 7600 tons on the Jumbo. Got the solar panels from those communist shits on Sorsk and then traded them at Barahona for water. Had to spend three months at Sorsk waiting on them to fill the order. Then 3 months at Barahona, they have the slowest damned pumps ever, we should build some better ones for next time, lord knows the Olympus fuel pumps are faster than theirs by orders of magnitude. Oh, and also got 3000 tons of fish." Captain Carla Hansen said

"Water. You will not have to worry about hauling water ever again where your going. Nor hauling food back to feed everyone. Boulsi has everything you will ever need and Thazi can make up for what you might lack at Boulsi." Major General Mitchell replied

"That is a plus then. Still have to haul the stuff to the stations though. But it would be nice to haul something other than water, especially trading for it at outrageous prices." Captain Carla Hansen said

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