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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 232 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Inner End (Federated Commonwealth)
12th August, 3046

Briscoe Osbourne was feeling pretty good today, after months of soul searching, he had finally decided to enlarge his staff. It would allow him to focus on the mounting tasks from Search and Recovery Inc while the others handled his other clients. He had just closed the deal purchasing Inman Shipping, even though he had extended the deadline by a week. Inman Shipping and Red Star Shipping were now wholly owned by his clients free of all debts. He had hired a forensic accountant to triple check both companies' books and had been informed that both companies would be profitable without the massive debt payments being made. This at least allowed him to leave the current staff of both companies in place, minus their former owners.

He had no direction on what to actually do with the companies though. So, he drew up all the paperwork to form a new company, Outback Shipping, along with the paperwork to transfer both Inman and Red Star Shipping assets into the new company. Even though he could not actually do it without some signatures, he would be prepared if they approved. If they did disagree, it would be the first time they had. He enjoyed working for Search and Recovery Inc, they were easy clients who gave him great latitude in accomplishing his assignments. Plus, they paid very well.

It took him an hour to draw up the paperwork before he checked his messages for the day. If it was like the past few weeks, there would be several hundred messages responding to all of his other messages. So far, he had managed to fill and even exceed quite a few of the requested positions. Though he had several hundred positions still to fill. He just hoped this Derek Paulson was happy with his work. As he read the messages, he also was making careful notes on the acceptance messages.

Basantapur Fine Metals
Skilled Metallurgy - 40

Sabanillas Mining Company
Skilled Miners - 40

Palmyra Petrochemicals
Skilled Drillers - 40
Skilled Processors - 30

Towne Mining, Incorporated
Skilled Miners - 20

Federated Industries
Skilled Body Armor - 10
Skilled Laser Weapons - 15

Melcher Food Corporation
Skilled Butchers - 40
Skilled Meat Processors - 50
Skilled Veterinary - 20

Kimball's Aquaculture
Skilled Fisherman - 60

Mendham Electronics
Skilled Electronics Manufacture - 30

Acrux Agricultural Industries
Skilled Agriculture - 70

Nashan Pharmaceuticals
Skilled Virologists - 10
Skilled Pharmacists - 20

Baxter Metals
Skilled Miners - 20

Bountiful Delicacies
Skilled Fisherman - 80

Garvis Petrochem
Skilled Drillers - 20
Skilled Processors - 20

Harrow-Deerfield Heavy Industrial Works
Skilled Manufacturing - 30

Juniper Textiles
Skilled Processors - 50
Skilled manufacturers - 40

Maxell Metals Incorporated
Skilled Miners - 30

Rastaban Agricultural
Skilled Farmer - 50

Toloy Chemicals
Skilled Chemical Engineers - 20

Vickers Mining
Skilled Miners - 40

Virtue Cartographers Unlimited
Skilled Cartographers - 15

Zettle Metals Incorporated
Metal Processing - 40

Water Pure Industries
Skilled Water Purification - 15

Cerulean Waters Inc.
Skilled Water Purification - 15

McRae Quik Construct
Skilled Civil Engineers - 30
Skilled Manufacturers - 30

Curtiss Hydroponics
Skilled Hydroponic - 30

DuraPaq Solutions
Skilled Food Processors - 30
Skilled Inspectors - 10

Tamarind Mining Corporation
Skilled Miners - 40

Amalgamated Eridani Mining Corporation
Skilled Miners - 10

Vauxhall Minerals
Skilled Miners - 10

Interstellar Harvesters
Skilled Manufacturers - 30 Skilled Designers - 10

Surinami Processing
Skilled Food Processor - 30

Pomme De Terre Foods
Skilled Food Processor - 20

Metals of the Earth
Skilled Miners - 15
Metal Processing - 15

Yoshimatsu Chemicals
Skilled Chemical Engineer - 40

Ningxia Foods
Skilled Food Processor - 35

Deep Ores Company
Skilled Miners - 20

Taurus Majoris Mining
Skilled Zero G Miners - 40
Skilled Zero G Processing - 40

Alliance Mining and Geology
Skilled Miners - 25
Skilled Metal Processor - 30

Capellan Commonality Bank
Skilled Financial - 10

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