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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 230 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Linden (Former Outworlds System)
11th September, 3046

Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga heard the <<"Awww Shiiit!!!">> come over the channel and cursed under his breathe. The DropShip's sensors and cameras were on maximum zoom, fixed on the dark spot in space. The thermal imager suddenly registered a massive thermal bloom from the once ice-cold station, and he quickly glanced at the normal camera as a bright spot suddenly flared from the same spot. The entire cockpit crew shielded their eyes.

On the station, the security computer ran the SLDF codes thru its memory banks and verified that they were current. It lit off the long-idled fusion reactor setting it for max power output as it started returning the station to life after 260 years being idled. The rush of power in conjunction with the activation of every light on the station switching on at the same time caused the massive flood lamps mounted around the station to be 20% brighter than they normally would before they readjusted to their normal brightness.

Outside the airlock, Major Nathan Davis and Reginald Traveline were frozen, there was nothing they could do anyway. The sudden bright light caused Major Davis to wet himself and Reginald Traveline vomited in his helmet. Both were surprised that they were still there when they opened their eyes again. Major Davis looked at the hatch panel and it was a steady green. His gloved hand trembled as he pushed the green button and the airlock hatch cycled and opened. He looked at Reginald Traveline and realized that he could not see where to go due to the vomit across his view screen. He carefully took his arm and guided him inside the airlock saying "We are still alive, and the airlock is open. I will guide you inside."

"Sweet Jesus that was terrifying. First time I ever lost my lunch on an EVA. Most unpleasant and I do not recommend it." Reginald Traveline replied

Twenty-five thousand kilometers away, Chief Engineer Zuniga heard the chatter and opened his eyes. "Thank god. Get us back over there quickly."

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