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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 229 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Linden (Former Outworlds System)
11th September, 3046

"Davis, you screw this up and I swear I will shoot myself to kill you in the afterlife." Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga said as he verified the fitting of Major Nathan Davis' EVA suit.

"You guys will know before I do if something goes wrong. This key has worked on everything else so far, why should I worry now." Major Nathan Davis replied

"Because as far as we know, that lock was not attached to an armed nuke." Chief Engineer Zuniga said

"Fair enough answer." Major Davis replied

Chief Engineer Zuniga looked at Reginald Traveline, also suited up. "You sure you want to do this? Major Davis is expendable, you might not be."

"Miss out on being the first person to enter that glorious station over there? No way. I am going. For better or worse." Reginald Traveline replied with a smile as he sealed his helmet.

"Okay Davis, seal up and follow Mr Traveline over to the station. I will call and tell you when to give it a try." Chief Engineer Zuniga said

"Where are you going to be?" Major Davis asked

"About 20,000 kilometers away from here. Just in case. Off you go and don't screw this up." Chief Engineer Zuniga said

Once both men were out of the airlock and on their way to the silent station sitting 20 kilometers away, Chief Engineer Zuniga said "They are clear. Get us out to 20,000 kilometers quick as you can."

It took them two hours to cross the 20 kilometers of empty space using their thruster packs. The entire time Reginald Traveline expected a bright flash to erase him from existence. I wonder if the stations sensors knows we are coming, he thought right before he made contact with an outer service hatch. His eyes could not help glancing at the blinking red light with the small display flashing a red "Danger: Nuclear demolition charge active. SLDF access only". He raised his arm mounted mirror and made way as Major Nathan Davis hit the side of the station much harder than he had. He reached over and grabbed Major Davis to prevent him from bouncing off.

"You okay?" He asked

"Yeah. Damn, that hurt even thru the suit." Major Davis replied

"We try to avoid hard bumps like that. Good way to tear a hole in your suit." Reginald Traveline said

"I will keep that in mind the next time." Major Nathan Davis replied. Once he was securely anchored, he examined the locking mechanism. Opening a small Velcro pouch, he extracted the security key, which was attached to him with a small chain. It took him a minute to work his gloves around the small key so that he could insert it into the keypad mounted next to the sealed hatch. The flashing message also caught his attention, and he froze for a long minute.

"You okay, Major?" Reginald Traveline asked

This snapped him out and he said "Yeah, sort of an ominous message blinking there. Sort of scary knowing your standing next to live and armed nuke."

"Yes, it is. How about we turn the damn thing off?" Reginald Traveline said

"Chief Zuniga, you better be clear cause I am inserting the key now." Major Davis said

"We are clear. Good luck Major Davis." Chief Engineer Zuniga said from 25,000 kilometers away.

"Here goes nothing." Major Davis said as he inserted the SLDF security key while watching the blinking red light carefully. Then the blinking stopped and the message seemed to get brighter. "Awwww shiit!!!"

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