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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 223- What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
1st May, 3046

Thazi Infrastructure Overview

Nadir Jump Point

Olympus Recharge Station
-700 Meter Long Maintenance Slip (Pressurized)
-Double Slip Refuel and Resupply Yard (10,000 Ton Fuel Tank)

Thazi (Planet)
-Total Civilian Population - 189,570

New Ludell (Planetary Capital City)
-Civilian Population - 171,483

Industry (Primary)

-Farming & Processing
-Metal Smelting (planned)
-Metal Manufacture (planned)
-Spaceport (planned)
-500 Bed Hospital (planned)

New Hope (Town)
-Civilian Population - 10,395

Industry (Primary)

Pattison Marine Yards
-Seafood Cannery
-Crab Fishing (planned)
-150 Bed Hospital (planned)

Hazelburn (Town)
-Civilian Population - 1,823

Industry (Primary)

-Coffee Farming
-50 bed Hospital (planned)

Gordanville (planned)
-Civilian Population - 2,478

Industry (Primary)

-20 Bed Hospital (planned)

8 Smaller Farming Towns/Groupings
-Civilian Population - 3,391

Civilians in Transit or Waiting - 9,583

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