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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 221 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
27th March, 3046

"You sure you want to just use the entire unit being deployed all in the same system? You know a military unit never goes anywhere without sending an advance party in peacetime or a scouting force in a combat zone. Seems like a receipt for disaster." Brigadier General Herbert Harbaugh said

"If those black boxes would have arrived, I would be more open to split off smaller forces to hit several systems at the same time. But I will be damned if I will send out a force, I have no way of knowing if they are in trouble and can send help. When that say comes, us having that sort of communication ability, I will be more than happy to form up several smaller expeditionary forces to scout multiple systems, conduct recovery operations on multiple systems while an unseen reaction force stands by to move to assist them if trouble appears. Until then, we move as a unit. It might be slower, might leave our flanks exposed, but outside of the AFFC next door, I doubt anyone out here would give us much trouble as a unit.

Now, for something serious. I have discussed it with our little two person Senate, along with the Elder Council. Now I want your opinion on the matter. I have to nominate a Vice President, I want you to stand in that position until the next election for the post in 3049. I want to go on this mission, mainly because it might very well be the last one, I get to go on. I cannot put developing Thazi on hold every deployment while I am away on a mission, the stakes are too high. I am going to nominate Derek Paulson for Secretary of Commerce and head of economic development. He has a good grasp of what we can and cannot do currently. Will you accept the post?" Major General (President) David Mitchell said

"Damn. I was not expecting that. You try and run off, I swear to God, I will hunt you down and drag you back here kicking and screaming. Until the next election in 3049, yes, I will serve as your Vice President." Brigadier General Herbert Horbaugh replied

"Thank you, Herbert. I promise, your free again in 3049. I will go inform the Senate and Elder Council. Get you all sworn in and legal. I will be back by December." Major General (President) David Mitchell said

"You damn well better be. I signed up to ride herd on this unit, not ride herd on an entire planet." Brigadier General Herbert Horbaugh replied

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