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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 220 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
25th March, 3046

"Chief Zuniga, the status of the fleet?" Major General (President) David Mitchell asked

"For operational deployments, we have three of our four ships currently ready to go. SaRI Flaming Glory needs another two months before she is certified as ready. Of the Merchant Jumpships, which have been removed from active deployments, only Dark Flyer and Star Sailor are active. It will be the end of the year before the other four are certified for duty." Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga replied

"Very well. I have been told to think big and long term, so our next target is Linden. We are going to see what is there to salvage. We know that there was a orbital complex there that serviced the DoME ships and SLDF warships. So we are going to see if they left anything behind. If they did, we will begin operations to bring them back to Thazi. We will be passing thru several systems on the way to Linden. Maripa has known asteroid belts, we will spend a month in that system having a good look for any mining stations. SaRI Heavy Lift will carry our combat forces. SaRI Heavy Express will carry the four Seekers, Mammoth, and our new Pentagon Tug. SaRI Express will carry the Union CV and SaRI Flaming Glory will carry the Leopard CV. The extra four collars will be used if we can salvage mining stations or whatever we find.

Once we arrive at Maripa, we will gather enough system data to allow in system jumps to speed up our searches. If we find anything we can salvage, the Pentagon Tug will go fetch it and bring it back to one of the Invaders. Once we have completed the 30 days, we will jump to La Ligua. We will repeat the 30 day examination of the system with the same goals. We then move to Carmelita, no asteroid belts of note, but had an active SLDF garrison. We will conduct a 30 day operation, recovering what we can and sealing the rest for a return trip if we cannot grab it all.

We then move to Linden. Another 30 day operation then we come back home. That means we are going to be gone for six months. I want everything packed, fully checked and ready for boost on 15 May. I would like to be back here by December. We do a maintenance stand down before any further operations are conducted. We will not make that mistake again. We conduct an operation and then a maintenance stand down. Now, as you all know, Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Campbell is leaving SaRI and heading up our new shipping company with the Merchant Jumpships. Lieutenant Colonel Kirby Pennell is taking over command of the SaRI fleet. Meeting is over, let's get ready for a long deployment." Major General (President) David Mitchell said

Once the meeting had concluded, he headed for Intrusive, Intruder Assault Dropship and the MIIO Fax team. He quickly composed a message to be sent to Inner End. He wanted a nice present for Sarah Campbell's birthday in October and he remembered what Derek Paulson had told him.


To: Sergeant Major Chester Pullman
From: Major General David Mitchell

Turn our lawyer loose. Try not to spend it all. Get best deal possible. Tell him to search for any shipping company's about to go belly up with assets we can purchase in full. Prefer to not spend all 8 for the it all or go into debt over it either. If we own it free and clear, we can make it work to our advantage. I would prefer to avoid payments hovering over our head. Tell him to kick the tires hard, I want good stuff not trash. When he buys, tell him to find the cause of failure so we do not have any surprises.



With the message sent, he then went to find Reginald Traveline, the Clyde Shipyards recovery specialist. He found him planning his teams move to the downed Colossus Dropship. "Reginald, got time for a quick talk?"

"Yes sir. What can I do for you?" Reginald Traveline asked

"We move out on mid May. Chief Zuniga says you want in on some recovery work. You still game?" Major General (President) Mitchell asked

"Yes, Sir, but no way will we have the Colossus recovered by then." Reginald Traveline replied

"Put a second in charge and when we load up pick a team to go with you. I might need your expertise on this operation. Your guys okay with staying here at least until your company gets more people out here?" Major General (President) Mitchell asked

"We are used to long deployments. But most still have families, be better if they were here with us." Reginald Traveline replied

"I will work on getting them out here. Good to have you with us. I will let you get back to work." Major General (President) Mitchell said

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