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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 218 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
7th March, 3046

Sergeant Major Chester Pullman had been delivered the message via the local MIIO office, same as all the previous ones.

He retreated to his office before opening it up and reading the message slip.

He frowned as he read the message, what the hell is going on out there., he thought to himself.


To: Sergeant Major Pullman, Inner End (SaRI)
From: Major General Mitchell

Hope all is well. Need double the amount of prefabricated buildings as last time. Possible triple. See below list:

3x Concrete Mixing Plants
Experienced Commercial Fisherman, several hundred would be nice
Veterinary Medicine Specialists, one teacher would be nice also
Check medical equipment order
Experienced Butchers
Experienced Meat packers
12x Forestry Mechs w/ operators
Skilled wood workers, carpenters
2x Wool processing and manufacturing plants, with workers

Expect list to grow as time keeps going on. Additional funding should be deposited very soon. Long stand down, soon to restart active operations.



Another job for Briscoe, damn lawyer is making a killing off us., Pullman thought.

New Avalon (Federated Commonwealth, FedSuns State Capital)

Quintus Allard knocked on the door frame and entered when First Prince Hanse Davion waved him inside. "Have a seat, Quintus. I hope that message slip is not more trouble out there."

"Nope. But he wants to know if you want to purchase some stuff. Price is beyond my pay grade. Plus a more personal message to you." Quintus Allard replied laying the message on his desk and leaning back in the chair. First Prince Hanse Davion picked up the short message and read it.


To: First Prince Hanse Davion
From: Major General (President) David Mitchell

Thank you for the previous message. I would like to keep Lieutenant Colonel Davion as possibly the Federated Commonwealth's Ambassador here on Thazi. It's too hard breaking in a new person and his time with us is almost complete. I am sure you understand, he has all the clearances anyway. I need some assistance in setting up a proper money exchange. It is getting to that point. Maybe a printing press, paper and some folks to help get me setup out here. I plan to back the currency with Gold and other precious items. For security, I cannot use the C-bill out here for obvious reasons. Deposits in normal accounts will still be C-bill but also thinking about setting a different account to accept some payments in D or S bills since we purchase mainly inside the Federated Commonwealth.

To prevent any misunderstandings, we have managed to cobble together our own maintenance facility that can handle most repairs on our fleet, but I need experienced people to help run it. For security reasons, I am thinking Challenge Systems, already working next door or Clyde Shipyards, crew here with me now. They helped massively and I like the work ethic. Willing to pay good rates. Prefer not to hire others, could cause problems. Also, almost ready to sell food stuffs but understand I need FC inspectors of our processes. Got any advice on that one?

Now to the biggest issue. Funding, it is expensive doing what I now have to do. I have those two Snowden mining stations next door, one I know is banged up, so call it 3 Billion and the other one is mint condition, so call it 5 Billion. Already on site and ready for use. Pretty sure I can haul them to the OA and sell them pretty quick, giving you first purchase on them before I do that. If the population next door is too much, and they want to move, I will take them. I can feed them easier. Your call.



"Well, he is asking a pretty penny for both of those stations. Though it does make things much easier on us overall. What do you think, Quintus?" First Prince Hanse Davion asked

"Buy them. Last thing you want is him to seel them in the OA, which is second find of mining stations from him. Someone is liable to start launching their own recovery operations and we do not want that to happen. We both know he has been burning thru cash like a madman setting that planet up. I think we support him and his nation as best we can. We start saying sell to someone else, that could cause a major uptick in ships running around out there hunting treasure. Right now, it is just them that we know of." Quintus Allard replied

"Eight Billion C-bills, that is a ton of cash." First Prince Hanse Davion said

"Not built anymore and those are not true Snowdens, little more advanced. Buy them. Fair price." Quintus Allard replied

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