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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 216 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
17th December, 3045

"Engage station keeping drives. We want her right here." Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga said over the radio as he held the Olympus Recharge Station 100 kilometers from the maintenance slip. He wanted enough room to safely maneuver any ships in addition to just overall safety but close enough for a very easy transfer of parts and such. They could now safely conduct maintenance on the Merchant Class Jumpships in the Station while the maintenance slip serviced the Invader and Star Lord Jumpships.

Olympus Space Station (Solar Sail Deployed)

Olympus Recharging Space Station

"Very nicely done, Chief." Reginald Traveline replied from behind Chief Zuniga inside the modified Pentagon Dropship.

"It has been a long trip pushing this Olympus back out here. But damn, it just feels so good to not have that "we are so screwed" feeling. You and your team have been a blessing sir, I thank you." Chief Zuniga said

"To be honest, it has been fun. Recovery work is challenging, but this has been a whole new level of challenging. It has been awhile since I seriously had to think a problem out and do some serious calculations." Reginald Traveline replied

"Wait until I tell you about the time we recovered a Lion Dropship that had tilted badly on a crash landing. We launched the thing at a serious angle off a ramp we built like a home made rocket. Made a horrendous screech as it went down the ramp at max thrust." Chief Zuniga said

Reginald Traveline laughed for a second "You had me there for a second. I almost thought you were serious."

"But I am serious. I can even let you meet the pilot who rode thing into orbit. We even recovered that Titan Fighter Carrier Dropship from where it crash landed on a moon with minimal gravity." Chief Zuniga said

"Your pulling my leg. No way. Your serious? I would never have even attempted it. Damn right I want to meet that pilot. What the hell do you folks do out here anyway?" Reginald Traveline replied

"Find long lost items and salvage them. Well, we did, we have sort of been preoccupied lately with more important matters as you can tell. Now that we have a handle on our maintenance needs, we will probably kick it up to a level eleven once we start up again. Been some interesting finds and interesting problems to work out. I spent about two weeks trying to figure out how to actually salvage a Olympus and move the damn thing to where we could sell it. Now that I have ripped into one and tore it's guts out so to speak, I think it can actually be accomplished." Chief Zuniga said

"That would be an adventure, wish I could be there to help you try it." Reginald Traveline replied wishfully.

"I would actually look forward to having you and your people along for that. You have the overall knowledge base that I do not have. I am good, damn good as a Jumpship engineer. Even a damn good Dropship engineer, but you have the actual mechanical hands on background for repair and salvage. The boss would have to work out a deal with your bosses though, but if you really wanted the challenge, he could probably make it happen." Chief Zuniga said

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