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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 214 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
6th December, 3045

"Jordan Hendrick, CEO Pattison Marine. Or I used to be, since you said your name is Mitchell, you must be the new owner." Jordan Hendrick said

"Major General David Mitchell, commander Search and Recovery Inc and President of Thazi. According to my business administrator, Derek Paulson, who you just spoke to, I do seem to have purchased your company. But to answer your other question, yes, you are still the CEO of Pattison Marine. We will leave the name the same, that does not matter much. As you know, we are operating quite a way from Pattison, so communication is sparse. Derek tells me that your company is a complete shipyard, which is good because I need one. You and your people will be setting up down in New Hope. I will provide you with engineer support to get you setup as quick as possible. Derek also told me you brought a Scout Jumpship and Mammoth Cargo Dropship?" Major General (President) Mitchell said

"Yes, sir. You own those too. The Scout I used to move completed ships around to other systems. The Mammoth was custom built to land in water and launch the completed ship directly from its cargo bay. It can also land on dry ground, as you can see." Jordan Hendrick replied

"Not really a need to move ships to other worlds, not yet anyway. Might never happen. But after we give her a hard going over, she might be used to shuttle back and forth between here and another system to supply food goods. Not sure what we will do with the Mammoth, but I am sure my own expert can devise a use for it." Major General (President) Mitchell said

"You own them. What exactly will we be building, ship types?" Jordan Hendrick asked

"Crab catching boats. Possibly fishing boats, commercial sized." Major General (President) Mitchell said

"Never built one before, but I have some very old files of ancient fishing vessels. I can probably find what your looking for and we can get her built. How many you want built?" Jordan Hendrick replied

"I will let Derek handle that question. I have to get some good fishing people in here. Mainly to train up the locals." Major General (President) Mitchell said

"We also all have families back on Pattison. We were told they would be expedited out here." Jordan Hendrick replied

"We will handle that. Get settled in first. Derek will also be collecting a list of skills spouses, and such have so that we can put them to work. For once, I do not need soldiers, I need every skill but soldiering." Major General (President) Mitchell said

"You do not know how good it is to hear that, my wife was afraid she would not find a job." Jordan Hendrick said

"What does she do?" Major General (President) Mitchell asked

"Teacher. Taught Government and Civics classes for over fifteen years before becoming Dean of United Community College on Pattison." Jordan Hendrick replied

"She will have a job the second she hits the ground. That particular skill is at the very top of my list." Major General (President) Mitchell said with a smile as he caught Chief Warrant Officer Harry Caldwell waving at him. "Excuse me, I am needed over there. We will talk more very soon. See Derek Paulson and he will arrange whatever you need down south."

He walked over to where Chief Warrant Officer Harry Caldwell stood with a group of people in front of several Dropships. "Who do we have here?"

"Reginald Traveline, Clyde Shipyards. We are supposed to recover a downed Dropship." The forty or so year old man said

"It's about 800 kilometers from here. Laying on its side. Colossus Dropship. Ever heard of it?" Major General (President) Mitchell said

"Yes sir. The Excalibur Dropship was a cheaper version of it. Never seen one, but I have heard of it." Reginald Traveline replied

"Let me ask you something, you folks know anything about Jumpship maintenance?" Major General (President) Mitchell asked

"That is what we do when we are not recovering downed or broken Dropships. We help out with that task at Firgrove. Why do you ask?" Reginald Traveline replied

"Because until my Jumpship fleet gets some loving, your stranded here. I doubt the First Prince is going to leave a Monolith Jumpship out here waiting for you. Plus, it will take a while to get that Dropship unburied and I assume you brought one of those massive cranes, I seen one work before, so that will take even longer to get the concrete setup good and thick. Want a side gig while you wait?" Major General (President) Mitchell explained

"Money is money, how much we talking about?" Reginald Traveline asked

"I assume your all drawing your normal pay while out here, I will match it while you all work on my ships and everything gets setup to recover that Colossus. Deal?" Major General (President) Mitchell said

"Better than sitting around watching concrete dry. And you are?" Reginald Traveline asked

"Major General David Mitchell, also President of the world your on. We can draw up the paperwork, nice and neat. Your realize that we cannot preovide the parts your liable to need to repair that Colossus." Major General (President) Mitchell replied

"Used to it. We brought everything we need with us to do it ourselves. We just need raw material to work with." Reginald Traveline replied

"Better and better. We have raw material, all you need. You will be working with my Chief Engineer, Vincent Zuniga. He is going to love having your help." Major General (President) Mitchell said

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