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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 211 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Boulsi (Former Outworlds System)
14th September, 3045

The Jumpship crew turned salvage personnel carefully cut away the frame from inside the Olympus station and then passed sections out to waiting Marines who worked the sections into waiting Dropships. It was quickly determined that this was going to be one ugly creation when it was put back together at Thazi since much of the frame work was bent or distorted. The main work parties were working on the 150,000 ton repair bay while smaller parties worked on the two 50,000 ton bays, one of which was almost in perfect condition and the other was only slightly damaged. Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga seemed to be everywhere at the same time. Overseeing as many aspects of the operation as he could. They had only been at it a week, but were slowly getting into a groove. The first day had been the longest with the least amount of work completed as they figured out what worked and what did not.

A smaller team was dismantling the various worshops and everything else they could salvage from the station and moving it to the docked Mule Cargo Dropship. It had been decided to literally strip the station of everything useful and store it at Thazi for use on their Olympus Station for spare parts if it was ever needed.

Even though they were in a stand down period, Major General (President) David Mitchell had taken the opportunity to have Boulsi itself checked out, they were going to be in the system for several months anyway, so it seemed a logical use of the time. A single Seeker Dropship was sent on the 12 day trip to the second planet to conduct orbital surface scans and possibly make a landing.

20th September, 3045

After a complete orbital scan of the surface had completed a fully detailed map of the surface, the Seeker Trooper Carrier Dropship made its landing near the ruins of a large city on the continent of Gayeri. A single lance of Battlemechs unloaded and performed a quick search of the immediate area before Colonel Alfred Dortman allowed further unloading. Several Vector VTOLs were quickly readied to conduct their own search patterns.

Sergeant Benjamin Hopely sat in his MON-66 Mongoose Light BattleMech and let his active probe scan the area as he slowly walked around his assigned sector of the landing zone near a stretch of woods. The Beagle Probe picked up movement, but he could not determine what it was. He moved to intercept whatever was heading their way. As carefully as he could, he moved into the woods to try and get a visual. The brush was so dense that it made seeing any distance quite difficult, he pushed a row of small but densely packed trees over to get a good view. The Beagle Probe showed many more dots, so many that he could not distinguish any single one on the screen.

Whatever it was, it was over that small rise, he thought as he broke out of the trees and into a vast plain. He kept advancing until he could just barely see over the rise in the land. He keyed his radio, "Colonel, I have eyes on a massive herd of cows. They are as far as I can see. Big ones too."

"Roger, Vectors are spooling up as we speak. I for one could go for a good steak dinner. Think you could pop one and recover it?" Came the response from Colonel Dortman.

"You bet. Stand by."

He took very careful aim at the closest animal with a medium laser and fired a single bolt. The laser bolt sheared the head off and the large cow dropped where it had been standing. He casually walked his Mongoose over the rise and towards the downed cow. His Beagle was all but useless as the massive herd had slowly flowed around his position while he had been watching them. Now that he was fully in view, most of the cows moved away, but larger ones moved closer, but he paid them no mind. He stooped down to grasp the downed animal when suddenly one of the larger animals charged and slammed into his 25 ton Mongoose. The hit threw him off balance and he staggered to regain his balance when another heavy hit dislodged his right foot's grip, and he toppled over.

Several more heavy hits rattled him in the cockpit, he never registered that he had screamed like a little girl over the radio as he fell over. This would later be played back for him to the amusement of everyone that heard it. Low flying Vectors swept over the area as the rest of his lance came to his aid upon hearing the scream. The ground shook as the massive herd took off at a run. Three more of the large animals were downed before they vanished out of sight. The smallest downed weighed 4,000 kgs. and the largest of the four downed weighed 6,800 kgs. massive animals.

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