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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 209 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
4th August, 3045

"Oh you beautiful girl. I have no clue how you got here, but I am going to take you back where you belong. Get you all cleaned up, refueled and treat you like the jewel that you are." Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga said in his pressurized suit after docking the Hoshiryokou Tug DropShip and boarding the Olympus Recharge Station. His visual look before docking revealed no damage and now he could see no signs of damage or even a fight. It was the craziest thing he had ever seen, and he had seen some strange things, but never an Olympus Recharge Station orbiting a moon inside the dense dust ring orbiting a gas giant.

"I am going to take good care of you. You have no idea how precious you are, but I am going to show you just how precious you are. You very well could have saved all our lives, or at the very least, the lives of thousands of others. Your going to get all the tender loving care that you deserve and have been denied all these years. You will never be left alone again; I promise you that."

"Chief, you know your on an open frequency, right?"

Chief Zuniga could hear the laughing during the transmission but didn't care. "Keep laughing. This beautiful old girl is our savior. Before this is over, you all be sweet talking to her, but she is all mine. Hear that, she is all mine."

5 August 3045

"Can you repeat that, Intrusive?" Major General (President) David Mitchell asked, hating the long delays between responses.

<<"Chief Zuniga is onboard the station again. Said it was going to be a long courtship, so he does not screw this relationship up.">> Came the reply

"Roger. Well, tell Chief Zuniga that it is sort of important we get that station in place and active. Also tell him that everyone is back home but SaRI Heavy Lift lost its navigation computer on the trip back. I would really like for him to speed up the courtship before it becomes a shotgun wedding, and I will be holding the shotgun." Major General (President) Mitchell said

He turned to Brigadier General Herbert Horbaugh and said "Everyone is losing their minds out here. Between equipment constantly breaking down to a steady diet of bad news I am losing my mind too."

"It is not all bad news. Colonel Woodall made contact with those on Sorsk and they are willing to make a trade deal. Plus they admitted that there are other populated systems out here. We have another Olympus close by, though wrecked, Zuniga did say that we could strip it to construct the planned maintenance docks. We did not lose any of the civilians on the move here and they are settling in nicely. I would say we are doing just fine way the hell out here." Brigadier General Horbaugh replied

"Okay, so we are not going to die out here. But we still have no way to service our larger ships and I am not going to risk sending them all the way to Panpour or Galax for shipyard time. Suggestions?" Major General (President) Mitchell said

"Nope, I have no clue how to resolve that one. Unless you make a trip to Wokha and beg that nice Vice Admiral to get our Star Lords ahead of the First Prince. I can tell you what he is going to say in response." Brigadier General Horbaugh replied

"Probably tell me to go pound sand." Major General (President) Mitchell said

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