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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 208 - What Could Go Wrong[]

New Avalon (Federated Commonwealth, State Capital)
27th July, 3045

"Honey, why are you still irritated by that response? You know as well as I do that Vice Admiral Unger took your response and quite literally ran with it. Did you really expect General Mitchell, who now happens to be the ruler for life, duly elected by the people on Thazi to just roll over and take it? You might as well have slapped him across the face since you did not slap down the Vice Admiral." Archon Melissa Steiner-Davion said

"The nerve of him. You know how long it has been since someone literally told me to go pound sand?" First Prince Hanse Davion replied

"Not counting me, Ardan or Quintus?" Melissa asked

This brought the hint of a smile to his face as he said "I never count you three where that is concerned. Many years, Hon, it has been many years."

"You were overdue then. You finally met someone else who will tell you the actual truth, whether you want to hear it or how it is delivered. Now, you have to make some difficult choices. You can send the Jumpships to carry those Dropships to Thazi. Which, to your ego will be like admitting defeat to President Mitchell or you can order Vice Admiral Unger to get those Jumpships into the repair bays without delay. Also, which will probably cause the Vice Admiral to look for other ways to retaliate and President Mitchell could infer that he can run roughshod out there or do nothing and risk. President Mitchell is taking matters into his own hands completely and risk having him bring in outsiders right next door to our big secret." Melissa told him.

Hanse Davion's head snapped around when she said the last option. "You do not think he would do that do you?" She could see his eyes had that dangerous look in them.

"If he feels his people are basically being cut loose to fend for themselves? I can see any sensible ruler doing that very thing to protect his people. Deliver those Dropships to Thazi. Detail a couple Jumpships to ferry supplies from Thazi to Wokha to take the strain off President Mitchell's fleet. Make peace by rounding up all those people, equipment, and supplies. We both know are heading for Inner End and deliver those also. Or deliver them to Delos IV and I will have my own ships transport them to Thazi, they are getting close to Delos IV now anyway. That is my advice." Melissa told her husband.

"I could always take other actions." Hanse said softly, his mind thinking over options.

"Yes, you do have other options. Options I will not support, in any way, shape or form. Always remember the old saying, happy wife, happy life." Melissa said meeting her husband's eyes and smiling when they lost that dangerous glint.

"Yes Dear. I would not risk the wrath you would inflict upon me. I will swallow my pride and cart those Dropships to President Mitchell's doorstep. By sending a ship to act as a supply ferry and arrange for everything on Inner End or heading that way to link up at Delos IV with your ships. As much as I want to wrap my hands around his neck, I also do not want to strangle a goose that might lay another golden egg." First Prince Hanse Davion replied

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