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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 207 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
22nd July, 3045

"Three more moons to go." Captain Sam Falconi said as Intrusive closed in on the next moon.

"Sir, radar indicates this moon has something orbiting it, possible asteroid." The sensor operator replied

"Well, isn't that just dandy. Now we have to worry about getting creamed by an asteroid. Mass estimate?" Captain Falconi asked

"No sir, but it is 1.5 kilometers in diameter." Came the response

Intruder DropShip (Modern & Underway)

Intruder Class Assault DropShip underway

"Big enough to kill us. We will have to eyeball this one, I am not launching fighters in this damned ring. There are enough micro-meteors out there to seriously damage one. Helm, close on that asteroid until we can get a visual on it." Captain Falconi said

An hour later Captain Falconi got his first look at the asteroid and said "How the hell did that get out here. Comms, phone home and tell them we found our missing Olympus Recharge Station. Might want to get Chief Zuniga out here to investigate it."

"We will need to clear this dust ring to make contact, too much interference, Sir."

"Very well, helm get us back out of here so that we can send our message." Captain Falconi ordered

It took 12.5 minutes for the message to reach the Nadir Jump Point and Thazi itself. But SaRI Express, Invader Jumpship, had departed the system for Boulsi carrying Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga, Union CV Class, and Hoshiryokou Class Tug Dropships for a look see.

Boulsi (Former Outworlds System)

The SaRI Express, one of the unit's Invader Jumpships, had materialized at the Nadir Jump Point. Three hours after arrival they had located the Olympus Recharge Station located there. Chief Vincent Zuniga and a small team took the Hoshiryokou Tug over for a close look at the Station.

"Damn, she is beat all to hell. Look at the size of those holes in her." Chief Zuniga said as the Tug's bright lights played over the Olympus Station. He kept piloting the Tug carefully for a close look at the stations repair bays. Reaching the 150,000 ton bay, he let the Tug's lights shine down the length of the repair bay.

"Lord, it is all deformed. Even money says a shot went right down it and detonated. It will take some serious work to salvage anything from this for use back home." He said to his team, who were also crowded around the windows getting a good look for themselves.

"EVA in there is going to be a nightmare. Tangle up or snag for sure. It will not be a job for the novice for sure." One replied

After a visual look, they all agreed that they could make use of some of the remains to build something useful. But they also agreed that it would not be an easy nor fast salvage operation. As Chief Zuniga piloted the Hoshiryokou Class Tug DropShip back to SaRI Express he said "Be almost easier to just repair her where she currently is than break her apart and haul her home. We have a week of recharge, so we have plenty of time to think it over.

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