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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 201 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
20th March, 3045

The first group of new settlers were taken to the small town where the cannery was located which had been named New Hope by the few locals who had already moved there. The population of New Hope was now 7,283 and expected to grow to around 14,000 once more housing was reclaimed and repaired. Around the slowly growing mining operation about 800 kilometers from the capital, work had been started on clearing and surveying a long-forgotten rail line that connected the mining sites to the capital. Major Harold Croyle, now promoted to Colonel and in command of the ever-growing engineer and construction crews, he also laying out a plan to establish a permanent town nearby to house the planned thousands of mine workers.

While Intrusive was still conducting a detailed survey of the system, several shuttles were ferrying the experts to various locations around the main continent and also several of the large islands. During the stand down period, Major General (President) David Mitchell wanted to have as much information on the potential Thazi held as he could for future development. But while this was happening, he was also searching the various databases concerning nearby systems, while he had assigned the immediate task to Major Nathan Davis, he was also using the time to make himself familiar with the surrounding area.

He pulled up the DoME information about Boulsi, which was right next door and read the fairly large file, not really trying to memorize as more a reference for when the time came, he would have the basic information already. The one thing he was really focused on as he combed the various entries is on what sort of industries a particular system might have held. Unlike Thazi, which had actually held some heavy industry, that had been destroyed or plundered over the centuries, but this maybe not all the systems out here had been plundered or destroyed. Abandoned or depopulated maybe, but maybe they could salvage restorable equipment to kick start some industrial growth. He skimmed the DoME report about Boulsi and learned that while not considered a breadbasket world, it had needed very little terraforming, only some work done on the planets oceans to increase oxygen levels. He learned much more from several SLDF reports on possible targets.

Boulsi had an Olympus Recharge Station at the Nadir Jump Point completed in 2758. The report further described possible targets on each of the planets four continents with a brief description of how each continent was being used. Boulsi itself was hotter than Thazi, with an average equatorial temp of 34C versus Thazi's 27C. This report had good information, so he began making notes on a large pad.

2765 Census - 19,641,542

Gayeri (Capital City of La Tapoa) A temperate continent with enormous rolling plains where large ranches had been established raising various imported herd animals from Terra. These included cattle, bison, sheep and goats for both food sources and leather goods. Along with the capitol, Gayeri had an additional 3 small cities and 6 towns. Industries included dairy products, meat packing, leather factories. Outside of the local garrison and the capitol, Gayeri holds no military viable targets.

Charton's Madness - Located along the planets equator this continent is hot and humid. Dense jungle covers the continent. The continent contains 1 small city and 3 towns. Vast petroleum reserves of crude oil and natural gas gave rise to several refineries which provide finished petroleum products to surrounding systems. Secondary industry is lumber, with several lumber mills and wood shops. The continent itself is dense jungle covered hills and mountains with limited natural plains. SLIC identifies this continent as a potential target.

Nouveau Nord - Located in the lower polar region, the continent is not settled and largely covered in ice with dense snow falls during the winter months.

Marshalltown - A temperate continent, Marshalltown holds large mineral reserves and primary focus in 2765 was mining efforts. Vast easily mined reserves of Lithium, vital to the production of Lithium-Fusion batteries, gave rise to large mining operations centered around the continents only city. Several refining operations had been established by 2765 and SLIC identifies this continent as the primary goal of any attack.


He double checked his notes and pulled another file which contained current prices in the Inner Sphere for various commodities. He found Lithium and saw that it was currently trading for 1,545 C-Bills per ton. Some fast math came up with 10.8 Million for a Mule load of Lithium and 54,075,000 for a Mammoth load of Lithium. He made the decision right then to move Boulsi up on the priority list. He really wanted to know what was still over there.

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