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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 200 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Sorsk (Former Outworlds System)
8th March, 3045

Captain Jeremy Tanner did not like being here alone, not totally, he did have two Corsair Aerospace fighters along with 2 squads of Marines, but there was no one else friendly here at the Nadir Jump Point. Not when had been told that they had picked up radio signals from the planet's surface and his sensors had picked up a emergence wave near the 3rd planet, obviously a pirate point. His navigation telescope had gotten a good picture of the Jumpship and his computer had identified it as another Merchant JumpShip. A single Dropship had detached and made for the surface. He could not wait to get out of here.

Thazi (Independent System)

Intruder DD DropShip

Intruder Class Assault DropShip, the Intrusive.

Captain Sam Falconi of the Intruder Class Dropship, Intrusive, had completed the survey of the second planet in the system and its seven moons. They had spent six days checking and scanning the surface of each one for signs of anything man made. Now it was on to the third planet and it's nine moons. That would take a week at least to complete that survey. It was very boring work overall.

Onverwacht (Former Outworlds System)
15th March, 3045

Chief Engineer Vincent Zuniga completed the loading of 77,693 people on board the packed Mammoth Cargo Dropship. He could already feel the ships environmental systems, even with the additional ones, struggling to keep up with the mass of humanity crammed aboard. Once his team of engineers completed their checks and everything was as ready as it could be, he called the bridge. "Let's boost for orbit. We cannot waste any time at all."

On pillars of flame, the Dropship lifted from the surface to meet the waiting Merchant Jumpship sitting less than a day from the surface with a Mule Cargo Dropship fully loaded with extra supplies already attached.

JumpShip - (Gray Death Legion - Sega CD)

Merchant Class JumpShip

Thazi (Independent System)

Five jumps and nine hours later, SaRI Void Raider, Merchant Class Jumpship materialized at the planned pirate point and both dropships detached and headed for the surface without wasting a second. Onboard the Raider, Chief Zuniga was cursing as the engineering team battled the small fire from the ships drive coil controller. He knew without even getting close that it was a total loss. SaRI Void Raider had made her last jump until it was replaced. They had pushed their luck too far and now he prayed all the other ships would return safely.

17th March, 3045

The mass of humanity that emerged from the hot and smelly the Mammoth threatened to overwhelm everyone assembled to help them. Even prepared as they were, the simultaneous arrival of over 77,000 people was a daunting task. Everyone needed a shower, change of clothes, good meal and a place to sleep. Tomorrow would be a long day for everyone as they worked to get the new people settled into their new homes. The medical teams, not nearly enough, began seeing patients as best they could. Quite a few had suffered some sort of TDS during the trip and headaches and upset stomachs were a common complaint.

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