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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 2 - What Could Go Wrong[]

9 December 3039
Breed (Federated Commonwealth)

Corporal Nathan Davis had spent days cleaning all the built-up dirt, dust and assorted debris from the 3 data drives. During the cleaning, he had located a small ID tag which simply stated its manufacture date as 2762. This had excited him; he had never played with anything from the Star League era. Of course, then he wondered if anything he had would even run the drives, much less read them. Today he would find out as he slowly connected a power cable to the first drive, followed by a data cable. This was hooked up to his home-built computer. He turned on the power feed and smiled as the drive made a slight whirring noise.

A dedicated monitor slowly came to life and on it was displayed a mass of code and text, all jumbled up, but after studying the screen, he was slowly able to make out lines of the text buried in all the code. The first line read "Periphery Report 2765, Outworlds Alliance 18th Army Deployments". While this itself meant nothing to him, the fact that he was reading something from so far back in the past, excited him. Though reading was not the correct phrase, more like deciphering. He pulled out a pad and slowly began making notes as he painstakingly deciphered the text intermingled with code.

18th Army Deployment

XLV Corps

287th BattleMech Division - Alpheratz
292nd BattleMech Division - Jordan Wais
52nd Infantry Division - Brasha
110th Mechanized Infantry Division - Crestoblus
116th Mechanized Infantry Division - Tellman IV
206th Royal Mechanized Infantry Division - Quartre Belle
208th Mechanized Infantry Division - Ramora

Independent Regiments
279th Light Horse Regiment - Patrol
128th Hussar Regiment - Patrol
150th Hussar Regiment - DOME
192nd Royal Hussar Regiment - Finse
395th Dragoon Regiment - DOME
396th Dragoon Regiment - DOME
199th Striker Regiment - DOME
587th Battle Regiment - DOME
247th Heavy Assault Regiment - Calish II
125th Independent Aero Wing - Toten

LXIV Corps

298th BattleMech Division - Cerberus
311th BattleMech Division - Milligan's World
209th Mechanized Infantry Division - Halla
217th Mechanized Infantry Division - Dneiper
226th Royal Mechanized Infantry Division - Devil's Breath
252nd Mechanized Infantry Division - Gitarama
61st Royal Jump Infantry Division - Wynn's Roost

Independent Regiments
27th Royal CAAN Marine Regiment - Port Krin
167th Light Horse Regiment - Cerberus
178th Light Horse Regiment - Bannerhoft
288th Hussar Regiment - DOME
45th Dragoon Regiment - False Dawn
68th Dragoon Regiment - False Dawn
238th Striker Regiment - Cerberus
512th Striker Regiment - DOME
201st Battle Regiment - DOME
125th Royal Hover Armor Regiment - Raetia


315th BattleMech Division - Baliggora
318th BattleMech Division - Valasha
48th Infantry Division - Braben's Frontier
135th Mechanized Infantry Division - Blommestein
147th Mechanized Infantry Division - Puttalam
149th Mechanized Infantry Division - Gaeri
157th Royal Mechanized Infantry Division - Onverwacht

Independent Regiments
199th Light Horse Regiment - Thazi
200th Royal Light Horse Regiment - Wokha
205th Light Horse Regiment - Pilon
258th Hussar Regiment - Carmelita
74th Royal Dragoon Regiment - Joshua
89th Dragoon Regiment - Rondon
361st Dragoon Regiment - Sornath
228th Striker Regiment - Mandeville
231st Striker Regiment - Domeyko
963rd Independent Aero Wing - Linden

It took him 12 long hours to decipher a page of information on the note pad. What he assumed were locations really meant nothing to him, having heard of only Alpheratz. He scrolled down various pages, he could make out numbers, possibly manpower numbers, maybe equipment totals. He was not sure, but his eye's ached, so he powered down the drive and decided to get some sleep, it was a duty day tomorrow. Plus, he had to tell Captain Mitchell what he found.

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