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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 198 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Independent System)
22nd February, 3045

"What brings you over on the slow boat Admiral" Major General (President) David Mitchell asked as he greeted Rear Admiral Robert Vickery coming down the Mammoth Cargo Dropship that the AFFC had brought in to ferry food to Wokha.

"Thought I would come pay a visit. I heard you got yourself elected President for Life over here. Quite a leap you have made in a short time." Rear Admiral Vickery said with a smile as he shook the offered hand.

"Yeah, more like shanghaied. So, you want the ten cent tour or what?" Major General (President) Mitchell replied

"Not really. Though it sure looks like a nice enough place. Not like Wokha, not much to do there." Rear Admiral Vickery said

"Maybe I should open some resort lodges or something. Charge you folks some vacation rates." Major General (President) Mitchell replied in jest.

"Not a bad idea actually. I got some good views and down south looks like great ski country." Rear Admiral Vickery said

"I don't ski but I am told there is good stuff down south. Nice beaches along the equator region too. I will look into that idea. But I get the feeling your beating around the bush." Major General (President) Mitchell replied

"I am stalling. I thought you should hear the First Prince's reply from someone you sort of knew." Rear Admiral Vickery said

"Reply to what? You seem to have me at a disadvantage." Major General (President) Mitchell replied

"Thought your Chief would have told you. I only found out a week ago that you were still on planet when the rest of your fleet passed thru Wokha prior to that. Your Chief Zuniga delivered his maintenance request to the Olympus Station and did not like the schedule he was given. Not at all. Vice Admiral Unger fired off a message to sort of head off any message you might send. We got the reply from the First Prince. Says our security ships have priority on the repair bays. The Vice Admiral has both Vincent Class Corvettes now cycling thru the repair bays every 3 months. You can kiss any sort of maintenance use of the repair bay on the Olympus goodbye for the immediate future. I am sorry." Rear Admiral Vickery said

"I had not heard nor even sent any message about it. Now I do not have to since I know the answer I would get. Thank you for personally delivering the news. We will just have to make our own arrangements." Major General (President) Mitchell replied

"Long trip back to civilization. I would do something if I could, but there is nothing I can do." Rear Admiral Vickery said

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