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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 187 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Thazi (Former Outworlds System)
22nd December, 3044

"General Mitchell, you might want to take a look at this, it concerns you personally." Lieutenant Colonel Edwin Davion said on entering the office with a piece of paper in his hands.

"We get a fax or something?" Major General David Mitchell asked as he held out his hands for the piece of paper.

"No sir, but it is something. Something big." Lieutenant Colonel Edwin Davion replied with a smile as he handed the page over.

"What the hell!!! No, no way." Major General Mitchell said still looking at the piece of paper. There was only a single name on it and no one else.


Major General Mitchell, our savior who freed us and supported by the Elder Council

Return to the Elder Council for counting.

Brigadier General Herbert Horbaugh entered the office next holding a piece of paper. "Oh, I see you have been notified of this already."

"Yes, I have been so informed. I need to put a stop to this right now." Major General Mitchell said as he started to stand up.

Brigadier General Horbaugh held out his hand to stop him "Not going to do any good, our estimate is over 27,000 votes have already been cast and the line to turn them in must stretch over a mile in town. They have been casting votes for the last 2 days. Must have used every scrap of paper and cardboard to make the ballots. I only got this because they have kids passing them out and they are passing them out to everyone they see."

"Like it or not, I do believe Thazi is now your personal system, General Mitchell." Lieutenant Colonel Davion told him

"I am not the right person for the job. I do not have the first clue how to run a planet. I barely know how to keep this unit going." Major General Mitchell said plopping back down in his chair.

"Most rulers of planets don't know either, but they surround themselves with those that do. Same as you have done with this unit, you found the people to help guide you and have not been afraid to admit that you do not know something or that you screwed up. Look at what you have accomplished so far, not just militarily but in everything. Honestly, I have been impressed by your accomplishments." Lieutenant Colonel Davion replied

"Most rulers have established governments to start from. We are talking about starting from scratch. From the ground up." Major General Mitchell said

"Then ask the First Prince for a CAAG, they have a bunch of them. Always have." Lieutenant Colonel Davion replied

"What the hell is a CAG?" Major General Mitchell asked

"Civilian Affairs Action Group. C-A-A-G. Usually about two hundred or so professionals. Civil Engineers, Government Affairs, Police Advisors. Pretty much exactly what you need here. Usually they come into conquered planets and help adjust the place to Federated Suns rule and laws. This will be a completely different task for them, but they can at least help with the ground work to be laid down. Heck, there is one on Wokha right now." Lieutenant Colonel Davion replied

"Fine, I will ask if I can borrow them. I did not ask for this or even want this." Major General Mitchell said

"Sometimes you look up and someone just hands the job to you." Lieutenant Colonel Davion replied

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