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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 181 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Inner End (Federated Commonwealth)
2nd November, 3044

Command Sergeant Major Chester Pullman was in civilian clothes, it was rare, but he had gotten in the habit of doing so when he was on the hunt for material. He was currently seated at a local diner that was frequented by the local Militia, police and even the MIIO folks, so it was one of the more secure locations for meetings. He had just ordered a beer when he saw Briscoe Osbourne, local attorney the unit kept on retainer, enter the diner and head towards his table in the back.

"Mr Pullman, someday I need to show you the finer places to get a good meal." Briscoe Osbourne said as he sat down.

"I like this location. Close to home, so an easy walk for an old man." Sergeant Major Pullman replied

"I assume you have more business for me to handle for you. So, what can I do for SaRI today?" Briscoe Osbourne asked

Sergeant Major Pullman handed over the list from Major General Mitchell. "I need those items, as discreetly as possible, as usual."

Briscoe Osbourne looked the list over quickly. "You guys going into the manufacturing business? You always order the weirdest things. But some of this can be handled locally. Just about any world has a small shipyard to handle local needs, if the planet has water on it. Which Inner End has, plus all around us, systems that is. So, hiring people with experience is not that hard. But are they going to be hired by SaRI or Solar Metals? Cause they are going to want to know who is paying them. Plus, you have all the payroll taxes and such to handle. But I am sure there is a local shipyard in the region that is about to close down, maybe be able to purchase the entire thing quick and easy.

The smelters and metal working equipment will be going to Solar Metals I assume, so that is fairly easy. Simple capital expense. I can probably find used locally, new well, I will have to hunt that information down. Hospital equipment? You guys expecting some serious casualties? Does not matter, I can check who handles the local hospitals and go from there. Same for the farm animals, check with the locals and go from there."

"Smallest footprint as possible, Mr Osbourne. If you have to go off world, spread it out as best you can. No mention of SaRI." Sergeant Major Pullman said

"I know the rules Mr Pullman. Your my biggest client, so I have no desire to rock the boat. You pay well and on time plus give me room to manuever. I like that about you folks." Briscoe Osbourne replied

"For a lawyer, your kind of likeable Mr Osbourne. You do good work and quick. I am just trying to keep you as safe as I can. We got lax once and paid the price, remember?" Sergeant Major Pullman said

"I remember very well. I will start my hunt in the morning." He looked at his watch and picked up a menu. "So, my treat, what is good here?"

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