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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 18 - What Could Go Wrong[]

6 January 3041
Toten (Former Outworlds Alliance System)

<<"Kellog to Miranda's Delight, do you read?">> The voice popped out over the communication system on the bridge catching those duty personnel by surprise. It took 7 minutes for Captain David Mitchell to reach the bridge, accepting the headset. He keyed the button.

"What do you want, Kellog?" Captain Mitchell said

Tramp Class Jump Ship (CG)

Tramp Class JumpShip

<<"I want to prove that I am good for my word. We are about to leave the Zenith Jump Point. But before we leave, if you can get one of the Dropships over here, you will find a wrecked Tramp Jumpship. Inside the cargo bay, you will find a bright orange container strapped to the deck plating. Inside of that is a replacement circuit board for the one we borrowed in addition to another one from the wrecked ships own repair stores. Exact same circuit board as the one we borrowed. The Tramp also has 323 tons of fuel left on board in addition to fairly full cargo bays. The jump core is sheared almost in half and the entire rear section has been destroyed. We spent 2 days extra here recovering those boards when we found that Tramp. I will transmit the exact target coordinates.">> Kellog replied

Captain Mitchell stared at Acting Master Sharon Campbell for a few seconds before he responded. "Why do that, Kellog, you know I will be turning Lockton over to the authorities and he is liable to rat you out."

<<"Call it the last of my honor. I gave you my word to send help, well I managed to locate some kind of help for you right here. I am not dumb enough to bring it to you myself, that is more risk than I want. Nor do I want someone that took out Lockton on my tail. Hopefully, this evens the field a little between us.">> Kellog replied

"My advice, get a new identity. As for being even, let's try to avoid each other. I will not actively hunt for you, but I am not going to promise I will not do something if we ever cross paths again. But thanks for the information, Ms Campbell confirms we have received the exact location of the Tramp Jumpship." Captain Mitchell said

<<"Then fair well and safe sailing, Mr. Mitchell. This is Kellog and we are gone.">> Kellog said

Taking the headset off, Captain Mitchell thought for a second. Let's wake the Mule crew up and get them briefed. I want Chief Zuniga and Lieutenant Sanders with 2 squads to accompany the Mule Dropship to the Zenith Jump Point. Mission, recover our way home and anything they think is valuable."

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